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26 Things All JB Hi-Fi Employees Secretly Want You To Know

Spilling truth tea 'bout JB.

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5. A significant portion of the reviews are designed to make you laugh. / Via

9. Staff Christmas parties have a habit of turning out like this:

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12. A good store is a store you feel comfortable singing and dancing in the aisles with your co-workers.

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Fun fact: You can get an (unofficial) warning for screaming Nickelback in the aisles with your co-workers if a customer complains. It's happened, trust me.


14. Sometimes they get really, really truly awful requests:

Stephanie Anderson

"To JB Hi-Fi

Could you please Look on the internet for names of Bands of Skinhead neo nazi music bands CD's and please write back clearly.

Thank you"

NOPE. You can be a neo-Nazi on your own time, mate. (But actually don't because that's the worst.)


17. On the other hand, if you ask for something that is intentionally misspelt, it doesn't hurt to clarify the spelling.

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If you say the word "cursor" to me, I'm going to spell it "cursor". I'm not necessarily going to know that it's spelt "kerser".

18. Sometimes the staff aren't not too fond of the promotions they have on, and they're not afraid to get sassy with signage. / Via

19. Personal space is something to be cherished.

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Please don't touch the staff. Also, please don't run your trolley into a crouching staff member and use it as a segue for your enquiry, as in "Oh, well now that I've got your attention." It's happened.


22. Sentences like this: "I'm looking for that song, you know the one? It's all over the radio. It's a girl? Come on, you know the one! It's so popular! She's saying something, like... I don't know. It's like, dance-y? You know?" aren't helpful.

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That is literally half the songs on the radio, what are you talking about?

23. The staff don't actually burn the CDs and DVDs themselves.

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If they're out of stock, they're out of stock. They definitely don't have the ability to go out the back and burn you a new DVD.

24. Trolling other staff members is the best way to jazz up a slow day.

Stephanie Anderson / Via