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    The 5 Shadiest Moments From "RuPaul's Drag Race"

    Welcome to Episode 3, also known as "Revenge of the Bitter Pageant Queens."

    1. The mini-pageant

    RuPaul kicked things off with a mini-pageant making it clear this episode was all about Coco and Alyssa. Of course, the girls took advantage of the challenge to throw shade at each other. "She's won several pageants," Coco said when describing her pageant daughter. "Unlike Savannah [read: Alyssa], she completed all of her reigns." Well, alright!

    "Miss Gay America: The Sequel" was on.

    2. The challenge

    Of course, Coco and Alyssa were split up during the main challenge. Why settle with making each other miserable when they can spread the bedazzled misery and lack of talent around?

    Miss Fish Edwards was downgraded to a creepy, cross-dressing Uncle. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas showgirl was turned into a sideshow act. No one was pleased.

    3. The showdown

    The showdown couldn't have come soon enough. Since the moment Coco first walked onto the set, the show has been playing up the old drama between these two. And now it was time to get to the bottom of it. While we never learned who the true bottom was, we did learn that both felt they were wronged by the other. SHOCKING.

    (For anyone that cares about the drama itself: Alyssa won the title in 2010. She lost her crown for violating some unspecified rule. A rule that Coco made sure the judges knew about. Coco then took the title for herself.)

    But enough of that. Back to the fight which had more facial reactions than Speidi fight on The Hills.

    4. The runway

    When it came down to it, RuPaul wasn't having any of the drama. Alyssa got the free pass but Coco didn't do enough to save her own ass. Her crying just helped her secure her spot in the bottom two.

    5. The lip-sync

    Coco brought the fire to the lip-sync. She did hair flips around Monica, who looked more vacant that Audrina Patridge. When it was revealed that Coco was safe, Alyssa served up Glenn Close Fatal Attraction realness.

    Now, it's on between these two. Let's just hope they take each other both down by the end of the fight.

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