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    15 Uncomfortably Hilarious "Ziwe" Moments That Left Us In Stitches

    Never not thinking about Ziwe reciting "WAP" to Gloria Steinem.

    Deeply ridiculous and hilarious, Showtime’s Ziwe is probably the most *iconic* show of the moment.

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    Actress, comedian, and all-around badass Ziwe Fumudoh helms it as the star, executive producer, and musical guest in each and every episode. The first season features six episodes, and they’re all officially available to stream on Showtime right now!

    Ziwe first kicked things off on her Instagram, where she interviewed “iconic” guests such as Alison Roman.

    With the budget and crew of an entire show, Ziwe pulls out ALL of the stops.

    Without further ado, here are all of the best moments on Ziwe — so far!

    1. The American Girl Doll Imperial Wives Collection segment.

    American Girl Imperial Wives Collection

    2. When Ziwe went full Hollywood glam while singing "Lisa Called the Cops."

    Ziwe singing "Lisa Called the Cops"

    3. When Ziwe asked Gloria Steinem the hard-hitting questions about..."WAP."

    Gloria Steinem and Ziwe

    4. When Ziwe asked Real Housewives of New York's Eboni K. Williams why ugly people can't be powerful.

    Eboni K. Williams

    5. When Ziwe messed around during a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

    Ziwe takes plastic surgery pic

    6. When Ziwe poked fun at how pop culture infantilizes young women.

    Ziwe in "Wet Diaper (Goo Goo Gah Gah)

    7. When Ziwe announced her mayoral bid.

    Ziwe for mayor

    8. When the show featured a "73 Questions With an Essential Worker" segment.

    73 Questions With an Essential Worker Title Card

    9. When Ziwe and Patti Harrison performed "Stop Being Poor."

    Patti Harrison and Ziwe

    10. Ziwe's whole interview with Andrew Yang.

    Andrew Yang and Ziwe

    11. When Phoebe Bridgers did ASMR.

    Phoebe Bridgers reads for ASMR

    12. When Ziwe and Phoebe Bridgers smashed their ukuleles.

    Ziwe and Phoebe Bridgers smash instruments

    13. When she ADR'd everything comedian Julio Torres said.

    Julio Torres

    14. When we got that clip of Iconic: The Ziwe Story.

    Iconic: The Ziwe Story trailer

    15. Ziwe's entire interview with Adam Pally, TBH.

    Adam Pally

    Did you have a favorite Ziwe moment that wasn’t listed? Let us know below!