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    Netflix's New Queer Adult Cartoon Is Jokes – Here Are 19 Moments That Cracked Me Up

    "Call me Miss Congeniality, honey, cos I’m a femme top with a gun."

    If you've never heard of Q-Force, it's Netflix's newest adult animation about a group of secret agent "outsiders".

    The series is kind of like Will & Grace meets Archer, in that it follows a group of LGBTQ+ spies who band together to prove their worth to the antiquated agency they work for. It's totally hilarious and super inclusive, both in terms of the characters and the cast!

    Anyways, I binged it all in two days! Here are 19 times the show cracked me up.

    1. When Deb told Mary that her car was ~actually~ named after a Golden Girl.

    A cartoon man points and a woman stands beside a car the captions read Deb, fire up the Mary-mobile and the woman replies please, her name is Subaru McClanahan

    2. When Twink – the group's resident master of disguise – revealed where his wigs really come from.

    Four characters from cartoon Q Force stand in a group a young man at the front says I can stop hooking up with the coroner for free hair, now it can just be about the sex

    3. That moment when Mary read capricorns to filth.

    An attractive cartoon man says you’re so good at working with underserved communities like troubled children and capricorns

    4. When Deb just wanted to kick back and relax with her nearest and dearest.

    Two cartoon women hug and outside of a house and one says to the other I just want to enjoy our barbecue with my wife, my friends, and our 16 trauma dogs

    5. When Twink (disguised as Mary) couldn't resist referencing one of the best remixes of all time.

    Two cartoon men have a conversation in a pink dressing room one says grow up, that’s an order, the other replies okay, and the first one says it is okay, it’s not right but it’s okay, Thunderpuss Remix

    6. When Buck wore his toxic masculinity with pride.

    Two cartoon men converse on a plane one says to the other I never cry, I just have a heart attack every two years

    7. When Stat revealed she has somewhat specific taste in movies.

    Three cartoon women stand by a white van holding camera equipment and one says Erin Brockovich is one of my top five favourite movies about hexavalent chromium

    8. The entire character of Mira Popadopolous, who is iconically based on Mia from The Princess Diaries.

    9. When Deb discussed the relative merits of being Black and frustrated.

    A Black cartoon lady looks stressed and then address her friends saying the beauty of being Black and mad is that you don’t have to finish your sentence

    10. When Twink couldn't help but find similarities between himself and Gracie Hart.

    A cartoon man dressed as Britney Spears in her Toxic music video blue air hostess outfit points a gun to the ceiling of a plane, smiles, and says call me Miss Congeniality honey cos I’m a femme top with a gun

    11. This scene, which is unfortunately a pretty spot-on representation of most Pride parades.

    Two cartoon characters walk through a crown of LGBTQ street party-goers one says we’ve gone ten feet and I’ve already dodged two my exes and my broadband provider, the other says according to that float GlaxoSmithKline is using they/them pronouns now

    12. And also V's lethal takedown of corporate pride sponsorship, which we all know to be accurate.

    A cartoon woman in a control room you can’t pander to the gays, they can smell it you’re acting like Citibank at Pride

    13. When Stat had this to say about We-Ho and its inhabitants.

    A cartoon robot head on a desk says is your town tight-knit? A cartoon woman replies West Hollywood? It is filled with gay men who wear tight knits

    14. When Twink just had to compare himself to Amelia Earhart.

    A cartoon man is shot out of a canon in the night and poses in front of the moon saying I’m a stunning icon in flight, Amelia Earhart, eat your ass out

    15. When Caryn revealed her strangely appropriate middle name.

    A Black cartoon woman sits in a darkened room and smiles saying Plan is my middle name, well, Plantricia

    16. When Stat threw some shade at people who have their read receipts on.

    A cartoon woman stands on a beach in front of foliage and says I always had a bad feeling about her, she had her read receipts on, the true sign of a psychopath

    17. When Deb made this compelling comparison between straight men and gay women.

    Two cartoon women in a car chat and one says straight men are just lesbians with longer cargo shorts, fewer skills, and evil in their hearts

    18. When Twink couldn't figure out whether twigs contain gluten.

    A group of cartoon people sit around sharing food one offers another a place of twigs and the man says no twigs for me, I’m avoiding gluten, and I don’t know what gluten is, but it might be twigs

    19. And finally, the scene where Mary revealed that there might be some major corruption going on at the American Intelligence Agency, and Twink's first priority was his butt.

    A cartoon man sits in an office and addresses his colleagues saying the agency has the ability to mess with our minds. One replies if they can mess with our minds, what else can they mess with, our asses?