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    Here's 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Sleep On "Ziwe"

    “Hi, I’m Ziwe — actress, model, pop star.”

    Last summer, comedian and internet icon Ziwe went viral for interviewing (mostly white) controversial public figures on Instagram Live.

    Now that Instagram Live has been turned into a series on Showtime. And it’s hilarious.

    With the latest release of the new series, here are 10 reasons why you should not sleep on Ziwe:

    1. Ziwe is a fabulous host.

    Host Ziwe on set looking glamorous in a black dress and black shades

    The 29-year-old Nigerian American comedian lets us know that we are living in her world. Ziwe is a playful, provocative, and quick-witted host that captures the screen with her sarcastic silences, bubblegum-pink outfits, wide-eyed facial expressions, and head tilts. She acts on instinct and adapts to the characters she is dealt with. Did I mention her fits are on point?

    2. Ziwe thrives on awkward conversations about race.

    Host Ziwe interviewing feminist activist Gloria Steinem

    While the comedy show is based on satire, it challenges the discomfort surrounding conversations about race, politics, and other cultural issues. On the episode premiere, she instinctively asked her first guest, Fran Lebowitz, “What bothers you more: slow walkers or racism?” Later in that episode, she asked feminist activist Gloria Steinem, “Would you consider yourself the face of white feminism or the white face of feminism?”

    3. You never know what you’re going to get.

    Ziwe smiling beside a deconstructed image of a woman

    In many ways, Ziwe is Late Night accessorized with intentional millennial chaos. The format of the show follows fragments of Ziwe’s personality while addressing cultural issues. Each episode centers on a different theme: allyship, immigration, beauty standards, wealth, and whitewashing.

    4. It obviously has musical numbers.

    5. And there are sketches too!

    Comedian and Playwright Jeremy O. Harris and Sydnee Washington on set.

    Other comedians and artists like Jeremy O. Harris, Sydnee Washington, Sam Taggart, Patti Harrison, and Bowen Yang join in on the fun.

    6. Only the most iconic guests are invited.

    Eboni K. Williams being interviewed by Ziwe, the subtitle card reads, "Eboni K. Williams: White Supremacy is Hot"

    You know who would make an iconic guest? Public figures like Eboni K. Williams, Fran Lebowitz, Phoebe Bridgers, and Gloria Steinem, among others.

    7. The set design will have you gagging.

    Image of Oprah Winfrey and books and on the Ziwe set

    Ziwe transports us into a lush millennials' pink dollhouse. It’s filled with images of Oprah, Michelle Obama, and obviously herself. It’s the complete opposite of what we know in traditional late night.

    8. The theme song is EVERYTHING.

    9. Ziwe is still in control.

    Ziwe on set titling her head with attitude.

    Not only does she command our attention on the screen, but she calls the shots offscreen as the showrunner, writer, and editor.

    10. Ziwe is not done yet!

    Animated Ziwe driving away in pink convertable.

    Look out for Ziwe’s forthcoming collection of essays titled The Book of Ziwe. What can’t she do?

    Ziwe airs 11 p.m. Sundays on Showtime, so, "stay tuned — it’s going to be iconic!"

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