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    Phoebe Bridgers Explained Why Everyone Can Calm Down About That Guitar Smashing On "SNL"

    Mind = blown.

    If you didn't watch Phoebe Bridgers' Saturday Night Live performances, drop everything and watch 'em both right now.

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    The singer-songwriter performed "Kyoto" and "I Know the End" from her excellent 2020 album, Punisher.

    At the end of Phoebe's performance for "I Know the End," she smashed her guitar on a speaker in front of the stage. It was pretty cool.

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    The internet couldn't stop talking about the ax-smashing moment — and now Phoebe (via BrooklynVegan) has spilled some details about the awesome moment.

    Phoebe Bridgers playing guitar and singing in a skeleton costume at Red Rocks

    After country singer–songwriter Jason Isbell weighed in on some of the negative comments about the guitar smashing ("That was like an 85 dollar guitar she smashed come on guys"), Phoebe replied that she'd told the company that made the guitar beforehand about her plans to smash it.

    @JasonIsbell I told danelectro I was going to do it and they wished me luck and told me they’re hard to break

    @phoebe_bridgers / Twitter / Via Twitter: @phoebe_bridgers

    Danelectro made their own comment on Twitter too: "Hope you have all had a smashing weekend...?" Pretty funny.

    After fellow singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards expressed concern for the monitor that Phoebe smashed her guitar into, she assured Kathleen that no monitors were actually harmed.

    @kittythefool @JasonIsbell they made me a fake one to break lol

    Twitter: @phoebe_bridgers

    @kittythefool @JasonIsbell they made me a fake one to break lol

    @phoebe_bridgers / Twitter / Via Twitter: @phoebe_bridgers

    Rock band Adult Mom also pointed out that Phoebe's guitar-bashing moment was reminiscent of when Bright Eyes did something similar on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson for their performance of "Road to Joy."

    those who are pressed about the @phoebe_bridgers guitar smash OBVIOUSLY do not know the deep cultural reference she was making to the classic Bright Eyes “Road To Joy” guitar smash on the late late show

    @adultmomband / Twitter / Via Twitter: @adultmomband

    Did you catch the trumpet-smashing guy in that video? That's instrumentalist Nate Walcott — who also played in Phoebe's band on SNL last night.

    @adultmomband if you think I didn’t try and get him to smash his trumpet again...

    @phoebe_bridgers / Twitter / Via Twitter: @phoebe_bridgers

    Maybe next time, Phoebe.