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    28 Thoughts I Had While Binging My Way Through Netflix's "The Chair"

    Sandra Oh is the moment!

    Consisting of six short and sweet episodes, The Chair is definitely one of the best binges on Netflix's platform. It's funny, it's romantic, it's smart, and most importantly, it has Sandra Oh as the brilliant new chair of the Pembroke English department!

    Netflix / Via

    Oh, and Jay Duplass and Holland Taylor are nothing to sniff at, either!

    As a witty, emotional show, it'll draw out all your feelings — here were some of mine as I watched it!

    (Spoilers ahead!)

    1. Wow, Sandra Oh, or Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, sitting down in her huge fancy office just gives off those major bad b*tch vibes with her power suit and flawless hair.

    Ji Yoon in office
    Netflix / Via

    What a vibe!

    2. A note that reads "Love, Bill"? Who is this BILL?

    Ji-Yoon reads note that says "Congratulations. Love, Bill"
    Netflix / Via

    But then we immediately forget Bill because the plaque he gifted her amazingly reads "F*cker in Charge." Yeah, that's SANDRA OH, thank you very much. 

    3. Wow, so Bill is looking kinda rough. So rough that even his own daughter is telling him to get his sh*t together!

    Bill's daughter tells him to get it together
    Netflix / Via

    IS THIS MAN GOOD ENOUGH FOR SANDRA?! (He's kinda charming in a scruffy way, though...)

    4. Bill feels like a bit of a basket case, but we can't blame him, right? Man's a widower...

    Bill at airport bar
    Netflix / Via

    Though, dunno what to say about seeing him pee bare-ass in an airport parking lot immediately after a couple drinks.

    5. Why are Ji-Yoon and Joan drinking coffee at the gym while staring at buff men?!

    Ji-Yoon and Joan stare at buff gym people
    Netflix / Via

    6. According to Joan, Bill worships Ji-Yoon, and I mean, same?

    Joan says Bill worships Ji-Yoon
    Netflix / Via

    7. The flirting between Bill and Ji-Yoon is so real, my goodness. We are that administrator trying to look away (but also secretly shipping them so hard).

    Administrator walks in to Bill and Ji-Yoon fighting over key
    Netflix / Via

    8. Oh no, the poor man just showed his naked late wife in the overhead projector...

    Bill staring at laptop
    Netflix / Via

    9. How many times do people have to tell Bill to get his sh*t together?!

    Ji-Yoon tells Bill to get it together
    Netflix / Via

    10. Did Bill just do the Nazi salute in class? This is going to be so bad...

    Bill looking at board
    Netflix / Via

    Still pretty messed up even if it's ironic!

    11. Oh, I feel so bad for the babysitter getting asked super-invasive questions about body parts...

    Ju Ju tracks down babysitter in the bathroom
    Netflix / Via

    12. Ji-Yoon getting called "little" feels...racist.

    Dean says Ji-Yoon is little
    Netflix / Via

    13. It's Ji-Yoon's father calling Bill a crumpled man for me...

    Ji-Yoon's dad calls Bill a crumpled man
    Netflix / Via

    Like, it's kinda mean, but also incredibly apt. 

    14. This scene is PAIN.

    Ju Ju tells Ji-Yoon she's not her real mom
    Netflix / Via

    15. Ji-Yoon, Ju Ju, and Bill hanging out together at a bowling alley just feels RIGHT.

    Ji-Yoon, Ju Ju, and Bill at bowling alley
    Netflix / Via

    16. Bill is this thirsty even after getting his foot run over by a car?

    Ji-Yoon and Bill on couch
    Netflix / Via

    17. Yeah Joan, pop off about how nasty Chaucer is!

    Joan confronts student
    Netflix / Via

    Holland Taylor is the GOAT. 

    18. Ugh, Bill is a MESS, but again, the three of them are so freaking cute together.

    Ji-Yoon, Bill, Ju Ju
    Netflix / Via

    19. I can't with these two.

    Ju Ju calls her mom a p*ta
    Netflix / Via

    20. Oh, Ju Ju and Bill are so cute, but you know that cousin's birthday party is going to be messy.

    Ju Ju and Bill
    Netflix / Via

    And reader, it was messy! But he did eventually get the semi-approval of two Korean aunties.

    21. This whole David Duchovny cameo is a masterpiece, y'all.

    David Duchovny in Speedo
    Netflix / Via

    Truly one for the books...or The X-Files.

    22. Oof. The administration sets Ji-Yoon up to fail, but Yaz makes a really compelling point.

    Yaz says that's why she's leaving
    Netflix / Via

    23. BRB, Ju Ju just made an altar for Ji-Yoon's mom, and I'm going to CRY.

    Altar for Ji-Yoon's mom
    Netflix / Via

    24. BRB, I'm crying again, just like Sandra Oh in the next scene.

    Lila asks Ji-Yoon if she has a lifeboat.
    Netflix / Via

    Mallory Low's subtle performance as Lila on this show is everything!

    25. The real one true pairing on this show is JI-YOON AND JU JU.

    Ju Ju tells her mom that she's not scared
    Netflix / Via

    Seriously, this show takes so much care to develop every character, even Ju Ju. 


    Ji-Yoon and Bill kiss
    Netflix / Via

    27. Honestly, it's a *relief* that Ji-Yoon doesn't have to deal with her job anymore. And look at her vouching for Joan!

    Ji-Yoon tells Joan that it's a bad job
    Netflix / Via

    28. The show ending with Vampire Weekend's "Oxford Comma," and Ji-Yoon and Bill bantering is kind of perfection.

    Ji-Yoon and Bill sitting on bench at school
    Netflix / Via

    How did y'all feel about The Chair? Drop your thoughts below!

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