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    Here Are 59 Of The Best Shows On Netflix

    BRB, watching TV until my eyes glaze over.

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    Okay, so there's a LOT of stuff that you could watch on Netflix.


    So much stuff, that choosing your next binge-watch can be a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit daunting. Luckily, our trusty BuzzFeed team has figured out the best of the best, so you don't have to.


    Here are all the TV shows we recommend:

    1. Bridgerton


    All hail Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen, who gave us the Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl crossover we didn't know we needed. Bridgerton has it all: a talented and diverse cast, gorgeous outfits, period-appropriate intrigue, and lots (I mean LOTS) of steamy scenes. Once you finish the first episode, you'll find yourself speeding through the rest until the finale, then promptly experiencing Bridgerton withdrawal.

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    2. Ginny and Georgia


    Have you been missing your healthy dose of small town teen dramas like Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill? Well, you're in luck because Ginny and Georgia has arrived to fill that void. Georgia and Ginny are a mother-daughter duo who have a relationship that's pretty reminiscent of Lorelai and Rory, but this isn't just a Gilmore Girls rip-off. This show brings some serious drama to both characters' storylines, and it's a lot more scandalous than anything you could expect to happen in Star's Hollow.

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    3. Firefly Lane


    TV queens Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) star as Tully and Kate, two women who've been friends for more than 30 years. The show follows them through their teen years, Tully's successful media career, and Kate's marriage and divorce, among other things. The two leadings ladies have amazing chemistry, and the show — which is based on a novel — provides a light, charming portrayal of female friendship.

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    4. Lupin


    This French heist/thriller/revenge/crime drama is, without exaggeration, the best way to spend an afternoon. Part 1 is five episodes, all under an hour long, and totally worth the binge. Omar Dy stars as Assane, who will steal your heart as well as anything he can get his hands on with his charm, good looks, and intelligence. It also tells an emotional story about the relationship between fathers and sons, so get ready to be simultaneously thrilled and moved.

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    5. Bling Empire

    Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    Bling Empire is Netflix's latest reality TV offering, and it lives up to its title. Following a group of elite (and incredibly wealthy) Asian and Asian American socialites in LA, Bling Empire is definitely for fans of Selling Sunset. It has everything you need in your escapist television: obscene wealth, interpersonal drama, and of course, a scene-stealer by the name of Anna Shay.

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    6. On My Block


    If there was ever a show capable of making you laugh and cry within the same scene, it's this one. On My Block is about a group of friends who try to navigate their evolving dynamic as they start high school and become more exposed to the adult world. The cast is incredibly charming, and capable of pulling off the serious and more comedic moments with ease. It's technically a teen drama, but that doesn't weaken its emotional impact at all. Best of all, the fourth (and final) season was just announced!

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    7. Crashing

    Channel 4/Netflix

    If you loved Phoebe Waller-Bridge's masterpiece Fleabag, then there's a good chance you'll also love Crashing, which was her first show. It's only six episodes (classic PWB to leave us wanting more), and they're each about half an hour long. You could easily spend an afternoon in the company of six British twenty-somethings who simply cannot figure out their romantic entanglements or living arrangements. Plus, it features Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey (AKA grumpy older brother Anthony) in a totally different role.

    8. Dear White People


    Based on the critically acclaimed film, Dear White People follows a group of Black students attending a prestigious, predominantly white university. The show balances drama and comedy to tackle issues surrounding modern race relations, and it's so. Damn. Clever. There are so few shows that focus on the college experience (yes, there is life after high school!!), so we're all blessed to have Dear White People in our lives. It was just renewed for its fourth and final season as well, so you'll know exactly how much to look forward to.

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    9. Big Mouth

    Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

    Cartoons aren't all made equal, and Big Mouth just proves how great animated series can be. Created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, Jennifer Flackett, it delves into all the awkward, super weird changes everyone goes through as a teenager. This series is laugh-out-loud funny, while staying so damn accurate to real life. Big Mouth is a true gift to the world and it's an absolute privilege to watch.

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    10. La Casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers)

    Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

    If you ever feel like you need a telenovela fix but couldn't imagine sitting through 70+ episodes, then La Casa de las Flores is for you. After her husband's mistress kills herself at his birthday party (!!!), a woman tries to maintain her family's perfect reputation despite all of their secrets becoming public knowledge. Classic telenovela stuff. Even better, the show subverts a lot of telenovela stereotypes and features quite a few LGBTQ characters.

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    11. Derry Girls

    Aidan Monaghan/Channel Four / courtesy Everett Collection

    You simply HAVE to check out Derry Girls, if for no other reason than it features Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan in a very different role from Penelope Feathrington. But other than that, the plight of these 1990s teens in Northern Ireland during the Troubles is unrelentingly hilarious and occasionally quite moving. If Schitt's Creek had a Northern Irish cousin, it would be this show.

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    12. The Last Dance


    This was the last show I expected to find myself obsessing over, but here we are. The Last Dance is a docu-series about Michael Jordan's time with the Chicago Bulls, and it provides an intimate look at one of the best athletes to ever live. Watching Jordan's unrelenting competitiveness drive him to title after title after title is nothing short of thrilling.

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    13. Bodyguard


    This political thriller is, in my opinion, one of Netflix's most underrated gems. Richard Madden (yep, Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) gives an amazing performance as David, the titular bodyguard — so good in fact, he won a Golden Globe for it. Whether it's the massive plot twist in Episode 4, the slow-burn mystery of the season, or exploration of the main character's mental health, this show nails it all. It also has no shortage of steamy scenes, by the way, if that matters to you.

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    14. I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

    View this video on YouTube

    This sketch comedy show created by SNL and Detroiters alum Tim Robinson and Zach Kanis is probably the wackiest thing on Netflix. With just six episodes so far (but more on the way!), it's a great way to spend an afternoon if you want to be confused, delighted, and thoroughly tickled.

    15. Virgin River


    Nurse and midwife Mel Monroe leaves her flashy and familiar life in LA and moves to a quaint, little town called Virgin River. While she's looking to start anew, she meets a bunch of townsfolk who she learns to love. This show is sweet and heartwarming, plus it has a bunch of will-they-won't-they romance. If you're looking for something cozy and sweet to settle in with, this is the perfect choice.

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    16. Selena: The Series


    Christian Serratos takes on the role of a lifetime playing the ever-iconic Selena Quintanilla. This series provides a closer look into Selena's life as a person, instead of a pop icon. Serratos plays Selena beautifully and it's a blessing to see this story unfold on-screen again.

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    17. Glow


    There's nothing quite as wonderful as watching strong-willed women fight for what they want, and Glow is the epitome of that. Starring Alison Brie, Marc Maron, and Betty Gilpin, Glow takes on the '80s world of wrestling — Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, that is. This show is so smart and funny, that you'll be invested in a matter of minutes. I won't spoil too much, but lemme just say that with a show full of drama, excitement, and acid-wash jeans, the intense wrestling is one of the best parts.

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    18. One Day At A Time

    Netflix / Pop / CBS

    One Day at a Time is truly one of the best shows on television. If the live studio audience is any indication, I promise you'll be laughing. The series follows the Alvarez family through their daily ups and downs. While this show can be both lighthearted and silly, it also has the range to tackle serious topics like mental illness, immigration, racism, and LGBTQ issues. One Day at a Time shows viewers just how important family is and makes you wish you were a part of the Alvarez family too.

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    19. Imposters


    Imposters is the perfect show for anyone who feels like they've seen everything. It's about a con artist and the myriad of strangers she screwed over, as they try to catch her in the act. This show is fast-paced, addicting, and thrilling in the purest way possible. Inbar Lavi is absolutely magical and you can't help but fall in love with her too. Imposters is delightfully intriguing and impossible not to binge-watch.

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    20. Cable Girls/Las Chicas del Cable


    "I cannot stress enough how amazing this show is. It tells the story of a group of women who work at a telephone company in Spain during the 1920s. The show is a perfect blend of a period drama mixed with some really great telenovela storylines. Also, the cast is stunning and I’ve gone on to watch them in other projects because I love them in this show so much." —Nora Dominick

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    21. Dash & Lily


    If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit, then look no further. Dash & Lily is packed with holiday cheer and total rom-com vibes. It's cute 'n' fun, and the cast is a pure delight. Plus, there's a little cameo from The Jonas Brothers, too.

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    22. The Queen's Gambit


    This miniseries will blow you away, and you can quote me on that. The Queen's Gambit follows Beth Harmon, an orphaned young girl turned chess champion. The script is tight and the actors' are wonderful. After watching, chess will probably be your favorite sport.

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    23. Unsolved Mysteries


    Calling all true-crime fans: there is yet another season of Unsolved Mysteries out on Netflix. This season features eerily, spooky, cases that will leave you begging for more. The twists and turns are endless and you might even do some sleuthing yourself. This show is true crime at its finest.

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    24. The Haunting of Bly Manor


    If you loved The Haunting of Hill House then you'll absolutely devour The Haunting of Bly Manor. This spectacular second season stars Victoria Pedretti as an American nanny who's been hired to care for two British children, after their previous nanny died. Don't worry if you're not super into scary things, while this season still has many spooky elements, it's much more of a dramatic love story. You will not regret watching this, I promise.

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    25. Emily in Paris


    If you're a big fan of The Bold Type or Younger, you need to start this show immediately. It follows social-media-savvy Emily, who has spent her entire life in Chicago, as she navigates life in Paris after her job sends here there to work for a year. This show is cute, fun, and makes you wish you could go to Paris immediately. The characters are all wonderful and it's a delight to watch them on-screen. Emily in Paris is a perfect escape.

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    26. Ratched


    Sarah Paulson plays the infamous Nurse Ratched in this villain origin story. This series is campy, gorgeous to look at, and consistently suspenseful. Plus, Sarah Paulson is phenomenal, obviously.

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    27. The Duchess


    If you fell in love with Fleabag, The Duchess is perfect for you. Katherine Ryan plays a Canadian who immigrated to the UK after finding out she was pregnant from a one night stand with a boy bander. The series takes place nine years later as Katherine decides she's ready to have another baby. It's raunchy, silly, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Plus, it's only six episodes!

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    28. Julie and the Phantoms


    Kenny Ortega has not failed us and Julie and the Phantoms is proof. It's the perfect show to start if you love music and are ready to be blown away by some *very* talented people. Do yourself a huge favor and just watch it. You won't regret it.

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    29. New Girl


    Honestly, right now is the best time to watch this show because it's not like we have anything else to do. New Girl is some great comedy, in my opinion. You'll laugh out loud, have the best time of your life, and even shed a tear or two.

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    30. Cobra Kai


    Cobra Kai is everything I've ever wanted in a TV show. It takes place 34 years after The Karate Kid with Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso's rivalry still in full effect — except now, their kids are involved. This show is fun, wild, and so entertaining. It's practically begging to be watched. If you haven't started it yet, then what the heck are you doing?

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    31. Lucifer


    The first part of Season 5 just dropped on Netflix, and honestly, if you're not watching this show then what the heck are you doing?! Tom Ellis plays the infamous fallen angel, Lucifer, as he runs this hot LA nightclub and serves as a consultant to the LAPD. Lucifer is everything you could ever ask for in a TV series and Tom Ellis's performance is not something you should miss.

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    32. I Am Not Okay With This


    This series is a perfect choice for anyone obsessed with Stranger Things or It. It stars Sophia Lillis as Syd, a teenager who just found out she has superpowers, and Wyatt Oleff as Stan, her close friend and eventual partner in crime. I Am Not Okay With This is great at tackling the awkwardness of teen angst, sexuality, and high school while giving us an incredible superhero origin story. It's an all-around wonderful piece of television.

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    33. The Society


    This show is absolutely bonkers in the best way possible. The cast is magnificent and it's basically impossible to get bored while watching them. The Society is about a group of high schoolers who set out on a school field trip, but due to a gnarly storm, they have to return home. Upon returning they realize all the adults in town are gone and they're all by themselves. It's a modern take on Lord of the Flies, and believe me when I say there is never a dull moment here.

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    34. Teenage Bounty Hunters


    Teenage Bounty Hunters equal parts hilarious, gripping, and enjoyable. Maddie Phillips and Devon Hales such forces to be reckoned with and you can't help but wish they were your besties too. It's as simple as this: if you love badass powerful women, this show is for you.

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    35. The Umbrella Academy


    Adapted from Gerard Way’s graphic novel, the series follows a family of superhero siblings as they reunite to solve the mystery of their father’s untimely death. Oh, and the world is about to end. The Umbrella Academy is a mashup of every genre you could imagine. It has the thrill of an action movie, the suspense of a drama, the excitement of a superhero story, and the hilarity of a great comedy. It’s perfect for anyone trying to get into a new series.

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    36. Get Even


    If you love teen drama with a ~twist~, PLEASE watch this show. It's about four high schoolers who start a group called DGM (Don't Get Mad), where they work in secret to expose the bullies at their school. When one of their targets is murdered and found holding a note signed DGM, the girls realize that someone is trying to frame them. It's so smart, engaging, and the characters are incredible!

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    37. Selling Sunset


    Selling Sunset is honestly the only show you need right now. It's the perfect show to get totally invested in, especially if your world is a little bit hectic. It's got all the drama of The Real Housewives and the gorgeous real estate from your favorite HGTV show. You truly cannot go wrong here.

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    38. Sex Education


    The series follows Otis, a socially awkward teenager whose mother is a sex therapist, as he gives some very ~insightful~ advice to his fellow classmates. Sex Education is basically required watching for anyone who's ever been an awkward teenager because this show does them justice. It's undeniably funny, thought-provoking, and just straight-up delightful. Plus, the cast is so wonderful, you can't help but wish they were your besties in real life too.

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    39. Dead to Me


    "Listen, it’s very rare that a TV show that’s as new as Dead to Me makes it onto my personal list of 'Top 10 TV Shows of All Time,' but that’s exactly what happened here. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are so incredible as Jen and Judy, and their performances are nothing short of award-worthy. If you love strong, flawed, and hilarious female characters, this show is for you." —Nora Dominick

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    40. Never Have I Ever


    "Mindy Kaling’s high school–set show was one of the most enjoyable binges I’ve had in a long time — and possibly Mindy’s best show ever. Newcomer Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is so amazing as high schooler Devi Vishwakumar, and I felt like I was actually friends with Devi and her BFFs Eleanor and Fabiola. Plus, there’s an already iconic love triangle. Warning: It’s basically impossible to choose between Ben and Paxton Hall-Yoshida." —Jen Abidor

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    41. Down to Earth with Zac Efron


    "This show combines all my favorite things: travel, love for the environment, and Zac Efron. He and wellness expert Darin Olien journey around the world to discover the unique ways that different countries pursue sustainability and good health. What could be just another educational docuseries is transformed into a delightful watch due to Zac’s charm (and handsome face, not gonna lie)." —Morgan Sloss

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    42. Sugar Rush


    Four teams of bakers race against the clock to make the BEST sugar treats you've ever seen. If you've already seen, like, everything on Food Network then this is the show for you. Sugar Rush has so many great moments that'll keep you on the edge of your seat and wishing you were right there in the kitchen. Plus, there are some great celebrity guest judges too!

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    43. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The CW

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I recommend this show. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a captivating story about mental health told through good comedy and catchy music. It follows Rebecca Bunch, a hot-shot NYC lawyer who follows her ex-boyfriend to West Covina in hopes of finding true happiness. Not-so-spoiler alert: It doesn't work. But no matter how many times you rewatch the series, it's still fresh, fun, and poignant. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is four seasons of pure delightfulness, wildly relatable struggles, and so much love.

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    44. Elite


    Elite is everything you could ever ask for in a crime thriller about high schoolers. After a teenager is shockingly murdered, a detective tries to figure out which of their classmates did it. Elite is a rare kind of teen drama that doesn't welcome a new villain every season — instead, each season focuses on the initial tragedy, the effect it has on the students, and the messy aftermath. Where some teen dramas fall flat, Elite thrives.

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    45. The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    Imagine the typical 'girl falls in love with a vampire' story, but it's actually smart, compelling, and engaging. That's exactly what TVD is. You can't help but fall in love with every one of the characters, especially the villains. The plots are never boring, and you can't help but feel a sense of camaraderie with the cast — so much so that you actually miss them once the show ends. In my opinion, The Vampire Diaries is a perfect television show, and that's that on that.

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    46. Outer Banks


    Outer Banks is basically the love child of Indiana Jones and every single teen drama ever. It really has everything you could ever want in a TV show: hot talented actors, a star-crossed love story, a ~mystery~ that's not quite what it seems, an island-wide rivalry, and SO much drama. It follows John B. and his friends, aka the Pogues, as they try to figure out what happened to John B.'s missing father. Don't say I didn't warn you, because once you start watching, you won't be able to stop.

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    47. The Baby-Sitters Club


    "As someone who grew up worshipping the book series, I was cautiously optimistic when this new series was announced — and then it went and exceeded my expectations in every single way possible. Somehow, it felt completely nostalgic and also extremely timely at the same time. This is the kind of show I wish I got to grow up with, and I feel so lucky to have watched it, even as a 30-year-old. It’s so wholesome and every episode feels like a warm and comforting blanket in these trying times. And the young cast is incredibly talented. Plus, Alicia Silverstone is in it. Could it get more perfect? Ugh, as if!" —Jen Abidor

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    48. Avatar: The Last Airbender


    "It’s a kids show, but the world-building and morals are really sophisticated. A single episode can somehow transition seamlessly from goofy jokes to discussions of imperialism or war refugees. It’s also one of those rare shows that gets better as it goes on.” —Tessa Fahey

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    49. Legend of Korra


    Taking place 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, this spiritual and chronological sequel follows Korra, the next Avatar in the cycle after Aang. And let me just say, this might be a sequel but it's an entirely different show. Where Aang was just beginning to accept his identity as the Avatar, Korra has been mastering 3 out of 4 elements her entire life. It's really exciting to see a new generation of Team Avatar deal with new challenges, and while this show has a somewhat darker tone than the original, they have enough in common that you're guaranteed to enjoy it.

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    50. Grey's Anatomy


    "If you've somehow made it this far in life without ever actually watching the ritual emotional gutting also known as Grey's Anatomy, you're not alone. There's truly no better time to dig into all 16 seasons of that Shonda Rhimes, Ellen Pompeo, and Sandra Oh–fueled goodness than now, especially when there's just something straight-up soothing about a show where everyone's wearing masks, and doctors are running around solving impossible problems. Plus, it's finally time to form your own McDreamy vs. McSteamy opinions!" —Delia Cai

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    51. Lenox Hill


    "If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy or any medical drama, then you'll love this show. The docuseries follows four doctors (a chief OB-GYN, an emergency physician, and two heads of neurosurgery) as they navigate the tense cases they encounter at work, while also balancing their personal lives. Due to the sensitive nature of their patients' conditions and the strong bond these doctors share, it's impossible not to get sucked into their lives. It's heartwarming, but also eye-opening to see just how essential these workers are." —Morgan Murrell

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    52. I'm Sorry


    "I'm Sorry is 100% the funniest TV show on Netflix that you're not watching. It stars Andrea Savage, along with a bunch of other actors and comedians who you'll definitely recognize. This is one of those shows where nothing really happens — basically, just a lot of random experiences/hijinks as we follow Savage's character who's working as a comedy writer, married, and trying to raise her 6-year-old daughter — but you'll honestly laugh out loud during every single episode. The whole show is super casual, real, and relatable. You'll be hard-pressed to find a series that's more worthy of your time. Do yourself a favor and watch it." —Spencer Althouse

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    53. BoJack Horseman


    "If you would have told me before I watched this show that a cartoon, horse-headed man could take me on the emotional roller coaster of a lifetime, I would have said that you were bonkers. Yet, BoJack Horseman may well be the most nuanced take on celebrity and pop culture out there. Don't worry if you're not immediately into it in the first half of Season 1 — power through and it gets so, so good." —Natasha Jokic

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    54. In the Dark

    The CW

    "A flippant blind woman named Murphy forms a close bond with a teenager named Tyson after he saved her life during a brutal mugging. One night, Murphy finds Tyson's dead body lying in their usual hangout spot. With drug dealers, corrupt cops, and exes in the mix, discovering the truth behind Tyson's murder becomes anything but easy. With Murphy's dry humor and the various themes of love and friendship, it's hard not to get hooked on this show." —Morgan Murrell

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    55. The Great British Bake Off


    "It's my fave show to watch when it's chilly out. Something about it is so cozy and calming. There are no real-world problems when you're in the baking tent!" —Vicki Chen

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    56. Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt


    "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the show I turn on when I want a REALLY good laugh. I’ve watched it all the way through multiple times and it somehow manages to be just as funny as it was the first time I saw it! Honestly, I think it’s super underrated and a perfect comedy." —Taylor Owens

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    57. Episodes


    If you've ever wondered what exactly happens behind the scenes of your favorite shows, just watch Episodes. The series follows two British TV show writers as they adapt their award-winning series for an American audience, and literally everything that can go wrong does. Matt LeBlanc plays a fictionalized version of himself and it's truly a sight to see. Episodes is five seasons of pure fun, hilarious circumstances, and Hollywood chaos. Please do yourself a favor and watch it, you won't regret it.

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    58. Wynonna Earp


    "If you’re a fan of badass female characters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and/or just great genre TV, Wynonna Earp is for you. The show follows Wynonna as she is forced to rid her hometown of revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals her great-great-grandfather, Wyatt Earp, killed years ago. This show tells some pretty amazing stories all while being a sci-fi series. There have been episodes that tackle mental health, LGBTQ issues, found family, and simply what it’s like to be a woman. Plus, the cast is like a family, both on- and off-screen." —Nora Dominick

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    59. And finally, Schitt's Creek


    Listen, if you haven't watched Schitt's Creek yet, what the heck have you been doing?! This show is smart, electrifyingly wholesome, and has some of the best comedy writing EVER. It follows the wealthy Rose family after they find out they've gone completely broke and have to move into a shabby motel in the middle of — you guessed it — Schitt's Creek. It's also one of those rare shows that does LGBTQ relationships right. Schitt's Creek is so perfect in every single way and that's exactly why it should be a must-watch for everyone.

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