15 Reasons Why "Only Murders In The Building" Is One Of The Best Shows On TV Right Now

    Selena Gomez with two comedy legends? Chef's kiss.

    OK, so Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin are the terrific trio we never knew we needed, and now they're totally crushing it on Hulu's Only Murders in the Building.

    Mabel, Oliver, and Charles

    Anyway, the show's all about them as neighbors at this ritzy apartment building called the Arconia. They really could care less about one another until, one day, a neighbor named Tim Kono allegedly dies by suicide. When they're evacuated, they discover their love for true crime and decide to start a podcast of their own. Because who isn't starting a new podcast these days?!

    Charles and Oliver

    In addition to the show unfolding in pithy half-hour episodes, there are a handful of legit reasons why Only Murders in the Building should be your next binge today. Ahead, we've rounded up our favorites!

    (No major spoilers ahead, by the way.)

    1. Obviously, the cast rocks: There's Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, and Amy Ryan!

    Mabel, Charles, and Oliver

    2. Only Murders in the Building also features a stellar list of directors.

    Gillian Robespierre

    3. The chemistry among Charles, Oliver, and Mabel genuinely works.

    Charles, Oliver, and Mabel

    4. We have the endearing, ever-so-slightly gross relationship between Charles and Jan.

    Charles and Jan

    5. The cameos and guest roles kinda rule — we've got one with Twitter's very own king, @jaboukie!

    True-crime podcast fans

    6. We have no choice but to stan Selena Gomez's stunning wardrobe!


    7. Oliver's production sequences!

    Oliver directing true-crime fans

    8. We've also got to mention the very clever setup used in Episode 7.


    9. The show features juicy twists and an ever-growing roster of suspects!

    Charles and Oliver

    10. The tinkly instrumentals and intro theme by Siddhartha Khosla will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes — or, you know, Sarah Koenig on Serial.

    View this video on YouTube

    HULU / Via youtube.com

    He's also composed music for Looking for Alaska, This Is Us, Love, Victor, and more!

    11. The show's a treat for true crime sleuths, but it also highlights the dangers and pitfalls of true crime fanaticism.

    Podcast fans

    12. We get meaningful depictions of each of the co-hosts' pasts.

    Charles as Brazzos

    13. There's Mabel throwing Gen Z and millennial slang at her fellow true crime nerds in their golden years...


    14. In a weird way, it's a feel-good show (despite being about, you know, murder) because none of the main characters are downright awful.

    Charles, Oliver, and Mabel

    15. We've got legendary folks helming the series, including all three leads as executive producers.

    Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin

    So, what are you waiting for? Binge Only Murders in the Building now! Or if you've already watched the show, aren't you totally obsessed with it?! Let us know in the comments below.