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17 Dumb Choices People Made In Movies And TV That Are Honestly Infuriating

Topanga really turned down a scholarship at Yale so she could go to community college with her boyfriend. Dang.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the absolute dumbest thing a movie or TV character has ever done. Here are the infuriating results.

1. In The Devil Wears Prada, when Andy literally turned down her dream job to move across the country with her boyfriend so he could cook at a restaurant.

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2. In The Office, when Michael promised that he'd pay for all of those kids' college tuitions, and years later he had to tell them all that he couldn't.


3. In Home Alone, when Kevin just HAD to change his tape recorder's batteries in the middle of the airport while everyone ran to make their flight, instead of just waiting until they got on the plane.

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4. In Boy Meets World, when Topanga turned down a scholarship to Yale so she could be with her boyfriend at a community college.


5. In Us, when Zora insisted on driving the car while everyone tried to escape the tethereds, despite never having driven before nor being old enough to do so.

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6. In A Quiet Place, when they decided to live on a noisy farm instead of making shelter near the waterfall, where they could have lived freely and without fear of the monsters.

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7. In Glee, when Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house, and Mr. Shue did literally nothing.


8. In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, when everyone decided to pick up a creepy, bloody hitchhiker in unknown territory, and he then pulled out a knife and started digging it into his own hand.


9. In Avengers: Infinity War, when they were seconds away from getting the gauntlet off of Thanos' hand, but Star-Lord got emotional and ruined everything, literally wiping out half of the universe.


10. In Deathly Hallows – Part 2, when Harry decided to break the Elder Wand (aka the most powerful wand ever made) before, oh, I don't know, using it to put Hogwarts back together.

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11. In Stranger Things, when the fate of the world was in Dustin's hands, but he took a break to sing a full duet with Suzie, which cost everyone a lot of time and led to Hopper's death.


12. In Grease, when Sandy changed every single thing about herself to be with Danny.

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13. In Titanic, when Rose kept the whole wooden panel to herself and didn't think to take turns with Jack, which resulted in him literally freezing to death in the icy waters.

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14. In Hocus Pocus, when Winifred had one vial of potion left and hundreds of kids at her doorstep, but she decided to chase after Danny instead to get revenge, ultimately resulting in her own demise.


15. In You, when Beck found out Joe was a stalker/killer but decided to play it cool and casually come up with an excuse to leave instead of running the hell away, giving Joe enough time to capture her.


16. In Friends, when Rachel gave up the opportunity of a lifetime and left her job in Paris for a man who mistreated her dozens of times.


17. And, of course, literally any time someone was being attacked by a murderer in their own house and decided to run up the stairs.

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