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Straight Guys, Tell Us About Your Same-Sex Hookup Experiences

Well, have you?

I'm just gonna get right to it, folks: Sex between consenting adults can be a fun, funny, and even awkward experience.

A couple kissing in bed on "Insecure"

And sometimes those experiences are more about, well, experimenting. So that got me thinking...straight men, have you ever hooked up with another guy?

Harry Styles kissing James Corden

Maybe you were best friends with your roommate in college and one thing led to another during a lonely weekend and you both decided to give each other a ~bro job.~

Sex scene in "Kill Your Darlings"

Perhaps you and your girlfriend had a threesome with another guy, and even though you're not sexually attracted to men you were still pretty into it because you saw how turned on your girlfriend was.

A sex scene in "Y tu mamá también"

Or maybe you had a different experience entirely! This is a judgment-free zone, so if you're a straight man who has had a same-sex hookup, tell us about in the comments below! If you want to remain anonymous, you can use this Google Form!

Lito and Hernando and Daniela on a bed together in "Sense8"

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!