27 Reasons "Enchanted" Is Actually The Best Disney Movie Ever

Once upon a time, Disney outdid itself.

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2. Amy Adams produces an Oscar-worthy performance, skillfully adapting Giselle's animated personality to the real world.

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Playing a Disney princess without being too cliché is no easy feat, and Amy nailed it.

11. The musical numbers are of unmatched excellence, perfectly blending fairy tale and reality.

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And they're composed by Alan Menken, who did the music for pretty much every Disney movie ever.

22. Robert's story arc is unusually complex for a "knight in shining armor."

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He's grouchy and a touch neurotic before Giselle, but once he meets her, he softens up and opens himself up to love.

26. It also proves that not everything has to be a fairy tale to be special or important.

Disney / Via princepeterwolf.tumblr.com

Like when Robert gives his daughter a book about Rosa Parks and Marie Curie and teaches her about empowering women.