13 Leaked Photoshops Of Kate Middleton That The Palace 100% Does NOT Want You To See

    I. Need. Answers.

    People around the world are genuinely convinced that Kate Middleton has been missing for months, and after a bunch of blurry and photoshopped pictures of her were recently released by the Palace in an effort to explain her whereabouts, the general public is even more confused.

    And now they've backtracked yet again, this time claiming that Kate Middleton herself was practicing her photo editing skills before releasing the "new" pics, which is why they don't look 100% normal.

    Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day. C

    — The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) March 11, 2024
    Twitter: @KensingtonRoyal

    Well, I just got my hands on 13 more doctored photos that Kate Middleton and the Palace were probably trying to hide. Here are the wild results.

    Note: The following photos are obviously completely fake and have been edited with photoshop and AI, so just have fun with it. Enjoy!

    1. Here's Kate Middleton after she was recently spotted wearing a disguise in public, but unfortunately, the paparazzi caught on too quickly:

    2. A fan snapped this pic of Kate falling asleep during an iMax screening of the Dune sequel:

    Woman in a white and black outfit sitting with eyes closed in an auditorium

    3. Here she is salmon fishing with Prince William over Christmas break:

    Two individuals in outdoor gear hold a fishing rod by a river; style is casual and functional

    4. Here, Kate and her lookalike ran into each other at a Crumbl Cookies because she forgot she'd already paid her body double to go out in public as her that day:

    Two women smiling, one holding a plate of cookies, both wearing elegant dresses, in a bakery setting

    5. Here's Kate shredding at a local skate park:

    Woman skateboarding at an event, wearing casual sweater and pants with a helmet for safety

    6. And delivering a pizza as a side hustle:

    Woman in a red beret and patterned blouse smiles while holding a pizza box

    7. There's this selfie of Kate in front of Big Ben:

    Woman posing in front of the Big Ben clock tower

    8. And a casual pic of her attending Coachella:

    Woman in a glittery jacket and layered necklaces smiling at an event

    9. Here's Kate in a recent food-eating competition, in which she got the entire five-pound fajita for free because she finished it in under six minutes:

    Person smiling at camera holding a large, stuffed wrap near their face

    10. Here she is enjoying some relaxing goat yoga:

    Kate Middleton in a relaxed pose seated with legs crossed, surrounded by goats at an event

    11. And a quick snap of her attending a renaissance fair with hubby Prince William:

    Two individuals in historical royal attire with crowns, smiling at an outdoor event

    12. And there's also one of her DJ'ing at an Oscars afterparty:

    Woman DJing at a club, smiling while working on a DJ mixer, in a stylish pale blazer

    13. And finally, here's one of her when she was caught vaping the one and only time she's ever tried it:

    Woman exhales vapor from an e-cigarette, wearing checked dress, feather earrings