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Men Are Sharing The Things They "Actually Want" For Christmas This Year, And I'm Taking Notes

Now you'll finally know what to get your boyfriend, dad, brother, husband, or even yourself.

We asked men in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they ~actually~ want to receive for the holidays this year. Here are the must-have responses for any price range.

1. The world's hardest jigsaw puzzle from hell (and Beverly Micro Pure), which is comprised of 1,000 ~tiny~ all-white pieces and will leave them so freaking frustrated.

2. A pair of high-quality yet breathable socks for any occasional (running, hunting, casual wear, and more) from Darn Tough, which literally comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning they'll never have to buy another pair ever again.

3. A collection of A24 movie merch – everything from their stunning screenplay books, to cool apparel, to the freaking party hand from Talk to Me –which is full of unique gift ideas for film lovers of any age.

4. An insulated Black Frosty Beer 2.0 from Asobu, which will cover every inch of their beer can or bottle (even the neck) and keep it ice cold for hours and hours...and hours.

5. A OneBlade 360 electric razor from Philips, which will give them the cleanest shave of their life, all without leaving them with red bumps or ingrown hairs.

6. A vintage graphic NFL crewneck from Abercrombie & Fitch, which will help them rep their favorite football team while also looking realllllllly stylish.

7. A professional cheese grater from Zyliss – aka the one they allegedly use at Olive Garden!!! – which will help them eat 100% more cheese and make their food taste 10,000% better.

8. A 2,000–4,000-piece adult LEGO set to keep them entertained for hoursssss, whether that means rebuilding the house from Home Alone or recreating the apartments from Friends.

9. A smart coffee warmer from BestInnKits, which is the perfect desk or nightstand accessory because it senses when the liquid in their mug has cooled down, and then it heats it back up again.

10. A pair of combat boots from Marc Nolan, which come in any color and style they could ever think of, meaning they'll look hot and fancy for any life event.

Four different pairs of brown, black, and red boots

11. A phone caddy from Desert Fox Golf, which straps right to the golf cart and will prevent them from ever losing their phone or missing a call again while on the course.

A man using his phone while it's attached to a golf cart

12. An all-natural, gluten-free whey protein powder from Promix, which is so good that I've literally included it in this yearly product roundup every year for, like, half a decade.

13. A pair of stretchy-yet-luxurious commuter pants from Rhone, which look so fancy but are also sooooo comfortable.

14. An adjustable laptop stand from Tonmom, which may help to relieve any posture issues and unnecessary tension from their neck.

15. Some realllllly comfortable Marlow pillows from Brooklinen because, well, let's face it...their current ones have probably turned yellow from their nonstop drool and sweat after all these years.

16. A pair of running gloves from Tracksmith, which were literally designed for people to wipe their nose with them, all without irritating their sensitive skin.

17. And finally, a tiny but extremely handy AirTag from Apple, which will prevent them from ever losing their keys, backpack, phone, or anything else ever again.

Are there any other must-haves on your own list this year? Feel free to tell us all about them in the comments below!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity, and not all submissions are from Community users.