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16 Extremely Inappropriate Movie And TV Moments That Never Should Have Happened

I still can't believe Glee really happened.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV and movie moments did a terrible job at handling serious topics. Here are the unacceptable results.

Note: Some submissions include topics of sexual assault and eating disorders.

1. In Wedding Crashers, when Vince Vaughn's character was woken up in the middle of the night, tied to the bed, and then raped by Isla Fisher's character for comedic purposes.

Vince Vaughn's character being tied to the bed
New Line Cinema

"The fact that a woman forcing a man to have sex with her under duress is used as a comedy trope in this film is unacceptable. It's so problematic."


2. And then Vince Vaughn's character told his friend that he was raped, but he was ignored because the assaulter was a woman.

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson at the breakfast table together
New Line Cinema

3. In Disney Channel's Shake It Up, when one of the models joked about having an eating disorder, and then everyone laughed it off.

A model at the party joking about her eating disorder
Disney Channel

"There are soooo many movies and TV shows that poke fun at eating disorders (Miss Congeniality, Heathers, Awkward, Modern Family, Scream Queens, and Two Broke Girls, just to name a few). It’s absolutely disgusting the way they talk about mental illness."


4. In America's Next Top Model, when they literally had a "race-swapping" photo shoot, and all the models had to portray a race other than their own.

Contestants wearing blackface for a shoot
The CW

"They even had their skin painted. People were literally wearing blackface. I still cringe just thinking about it."


5. In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, when the entire ending of the movie portrayed trans people as deceitful, disgusting, and mentally unstable villains.

Ace on the dock with Lois and the other cops
Warner Bros

"Not only is the main villain forcibly revealed to be a transgender woman with a penis, but every man who had been interested in or intimate with her began throwing up, as if it was the most disgusting thing in the world. It's also revealed that the villain transitioned to avoid being caught for her crimes (a reason for which no one would transition), reinforcing the myth that trans people are in some way deceitful." —justinea4f

"Movies that depict trans characters as plot twists and villains with mental health disorders are ignorant as hell." —suzannel46f36ed04

6. In The Devil Wears Prada, when Christian Thompson took advantage of an inebriated Andy and refused to take no for an answer several times.

Christian and Andy in Paris while he forcibly kisses her
Fox 2000 Pictures

"She says no several times, but he continues to try to kiss her anyway. Then she says she's had too much to drink, but he keeps going until she feels like she has no other choice. The whole thing is far beyond not okay. It made me scream at the TV when I saw it."


7. In Glee, when Ryder revealed that his babysitter sexually abused him when he was a kid, but Sam and Artie acted like it was a cool experience that he should be proud of because the assaulter was an older woman.

Ryder opening up to Artie about being assaulted

"In Season 4, Ryder admitted to his friends that he was sexually assaulted by his babysitter when he was 11. He was clearly hurting and upset by this fact, but his two friends started patting him on the back and telling him that he 'lived out a fantasy.' They couldn't comprehend why their fellow bro would be upset by a woman sexually assaulting him. They just laughed and had a good time at his expense. It was never mentioned again, and there was no PSA at the end of the episode. It was infuriating."


8. In The Breakfast Club, when Bender hid under the table and sexually assaulted Claire in front of everyone, and then she decided to date him anyway.

Bender hiding under the desk and then putting his face between Claire's legs
Universal Pictures

"It always bothered me how shitty Bender was towards Claire in The Breakfast Club. He literally put his face into her crotch without her consent, yet she still ended up with him and gave him one of her diamond earrings? What the fuck?"


9. In Friends, when they consistently made fun of Monica for being a virgin and insinuated that she was a "lonely loser" because of her weight.

Monica in a fat suit while talking to Rachel in Central Perk

10. In Revenge of the Nerds, when Lewis wore a mask and pretended to be Betty's boyfriend so he could literally trick her into having sex with him, which is literally rape.

Stan and Betty kissing on the moon bounce
Interscope Communications

"I loved this series as a kid and even had a themed birthday party one year, but having sex with someone while you're wearing a mask so they believe you're their significant other is rape by deception. They played it off as a joke and even ended up together by the end of the movie."


11. In Soapdish, when Rose outed Montana as a trans person in front of millions of people on TV, and then David started gagging because he was so disgusted that he hooked up with her.

Whoopi's character outing Montana on stage
Paramount Pictures

"Outing someone is never appropriate, and also the way everyone reacted to Montana being trans was so terrible."


12. In Modern Family, when they continuously made stereotypical jokes about drugs, illegal immigrants, and even sex workers because Gloria was Colombian.

Gloria standing on a boat on the water

"I had to stop watching Modern Family because of the way they portrayed Gloria. They always talked about Latinos being criminals, drug dealers, or sex workers. There was even an episode where Gloria's family visited, and they ended up stealing their stuff. If that isn't inappropriate, I don't know what is."


13. In Sixteen Candles, when Jake's girlfriend was so drunk that she was unconscious, and Brian questioned why he wasn't taking advantage of her.

Jake and Brian talking in his house
Universal Pictures

14. And then Jake literally traded his drunk, unconscious girlfriend with Ted in exchange for another girl's underwear, even giving him permission to rape her.

Ted carrying Caroline out of the house over his shoulder
Universal Pictures

"I need to talk about how Jake gave his car and his drunk, unconscious girlfriend to Ted so he could sexually violate her." —neemakat

"Remember when Jake Ryan 'traded' his drunk girlfriend to Ted? And then Ted raped Caroline? She's not a piece of property to trade, and she was also drunk and unconscious, so she couldn't consent to any of this. Disgusting." —kthewire

15. In Legacies, when Lizzie made a "joke" about bulimia as a way to trash-talk Dana.

Lizzie and Penelope on the field during a game
The CW

"The amount of fat-shaming and eating disorder jokes that the writers including in Season 1 of Legacies was ridiculous. Both Lizzie Saltzman and Penelope made personal attacks on each other and the other women based on their appearances. Eating disorders are obviously nothing to joke about."


16. And in America's Next Top Model, when Kayla was literally in tears about having to kiss a random guy in a shoot because it brought back trauma from being sexually assaulted, but they basically forced her to do it anyway.

Kayla crying and talking to Jay on Venice Beach
The CW

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.