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    23 Bizarre And Disturbing Facts Guaranteed To Ruin Your Childhood

    Did you know the Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz was made of real lion hair?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest, darkest facts they know that are guaranteed to ruin your childhood. Here are the wild results.

    1. Big Bird almost joined NASA's Challenger mission "to encourage kids to get interested in space." Had the plan been followed through, millions of kids would have watched Big Bird and the spacecraft explode live on TV.

    PBS / Wikipedia / Public Domain /

    —Em Low, Facebook

    2. Judith Barsi, who played Ducky in The Land Before Time and Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven, was shot in the head and killed by her abusive father when she was 10.

    NBC, Cartoon Network

    Her father then murdered Judith's mother, doused their bodies with gasoline, and set them on fire. He then shot himself in the head. Judith's gravestone reads "Yep! Yep! Yep!," which is a quote from her peppy The Land Before Time character.


    3. Both Susan Olsen (Cindy from The Brady Bunch) and Jaimee Foxworth (Judy from Family Matters) worked in porn.


    Susan Olsen had a friend who was editing an adult film, and she helped provide sound effects for it: "He said: 'Can you make space ship noises with your synthesizer?' He gave me $50, and I provided the sound effects for 'Love Probe from a Warm Planet' – that's my porn title. That's my credit."

    Jaimee Foxworth, on the other hand, was "anxious for money" and starred in a few adult films under the name Crave when she was older: "The money that she was offering me was as much as I was getting if I was to be on Family Matters again, so that was the beginning of the worst."


    4. Bobby Driscoll, who provided the voice for Disney's Peter Pan and also served as the model for the character, died penniless, unclaimed, and unidentified in an abandoned apartment building at the age of 31.

    Wikipedia / Fair Use /, Disney

    Driscoll was awarded a Juvenile Academy Award for his work in 1949. As a teen he was making over $50,000 a year but spent most of it on drugs. He died in New York in 1968 and was buried in an unmarked grave because no one claimed his body. It wasn't until over a year later that his mother (and everyone else) discovered what happened to him, thanks to a fingerprint match from the police station.


    5. David Yost, aka Billy from Power Rangers, was bullied on set by crew members because he was gay, and he later entered conversion therapy.


    “I put myself through conversion therapy because I didn’t wanna be gay. And I really struggled and struggled and struggled with it... I sorta had to start the process of learning to accept myself, which was very difficult; it took me many years after the fact.”


    6. Clara Blandick, who played Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz, suffered from arthritis that was so painful she committed suicide at the age of 85.


    She did her hair and makeup one final time, put on her nicest outfit, and took an overdose of sleeping pills. She then tied a bag over her head and left a note that said, "I am now about to make the great adventure. I cannot endure this agonizing pain any longer. It is all over my body... I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen."

    —Hav Adajet, Facebook

    7. It's been reported that upwards of 20 cats were killed during the filming of The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

    Toho Company, Ltd. / Columbia Pictures

    Though these claims have never been fully verified, there's a lot of speculation because the film somehow got the approval of the American Humane Society "despite not having their officers present during filming." Also, there's a pretty gruesome outtake where a cat fell off a cliff and into water, and it tried to climb to safety but kept falling back into the water. No thanks.


    8. Dr. Seuss cheated on his wife, Helen Palmer, who was sick with cancer. As a result, she killed herself by overdosing on barbiturates.

    Her suicide note read: "I am too old and enmeshed in everything you do and are, that I cannot conceive of life without you. My going will leave quite a rumor, but you can say I was overworked and overwrought. Your reputation with your friends and fans will not be harmed."


    9. Disney's Moana was renamed "Vaiana" in Italy so it wouldn't be confused with a popular porn star with the same name.

    10. MGM Studios starved Judy Garland for years, putting her on a diet of just chicken soup and coffee. They also gave her "pep pills so she could work 72 hours straight and sleeping tablets when they wanted her to rest."

    11. Tim Allen was arrested at an airport in Michigan in 1978 for the possession of nearly 1.5 pounds of cocaine.

    Kalamazoo Police Department, Disney

    12. In reality, John Smith was 28 years old when he first met Pocahontas, a child of literally 10 years old.


    13. The teddy bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt because, while on a hunting trip, he refused to shoot a bear that the guides had tied to a tree. Instead, he asked that the injured bear be put down.

    Wikipedia / Creative Commons /, Wikipedia / Creative Commons /

    "Roosevelt took one look at the old bear and refused to shoot it. He felt doing so would be unsportsmanlike." A cartoon illustration of the event appeared in the Washington Post in 1902, which ultimately inspired someone to make two stuffed "Teddy's bears," which were later mass-produced.


    14. Ricardo Medina, one of the former red Power Rangers, pleaded guilty to killing his roommate with a sword.


    15. The Cowardly Lion costume from The Wizard of Oz was made of real lion hair.


    16. O.J. Simpson was almost cast as the Terminator, but James Cameron thought he was "too pleasant" to portray a dark character.

    POOL / Getty Images / Hemdale Film Corporation

    17. Phill Lewis, aka Mr. Moseby from the Disney Channel, was arrested for manslaughter and driving while intoxicated in 1991.

    Disney Channel

    18. The corpses in the pool scene in Poltergeist were actually real dead bodies, and JoBeth Williams, who starred in the scene, wasn't told until after filming ended.

    Apparently it was cheaper to use real skeletons instead of fake ones. After people on set found out, rumors of a "Poltergeist curse" started circulating.


    19. Buddy Ebsen was the original Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, but the aluminum dust from the makeup nearly killed him, and he was replaced by Jack Haley.

    Wikipedia / Fair Use /, CBS

    Ebsen was ultimately hospitalized and forced out of the production, so when Jack Haley replaced him they started using a safer aluminum paste as makeup. Ebsen claimed to have breathing problems for the rest of his life because of "that damned movie."


    20. Thuy Trang, the original yellow Power Ranger, died in a car accident in 2001 when she was 27.

    Saban / Fox Kids

    Amy Jo Johnson, the pink Power Ranger, spoke at her funeral and said: "I’ll always remember her spunky, strong personality. She was such a bright light. It’s hard to believe she’s gone."


    21. The character of Peter Pan was actually based on creator J.M. Barrie's 13-year-old brother who cracked his skull and died while ice skating.

    Wikipedia / Public Domain /, Simon and Schuster

    22. Matthew Broderick accidentally killed two women in a car crash in Northern Ireland in 1987.

    Paramount Pictures, CBS

    23. And the average lifespan of a lion in the wild is 15 years, so if Simba from The Lion King was real, he probably would have died back in 2009.


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