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26 Foods That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks

Ah, the memories.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which foods bring them back to their childhood. Here are the nostalgic results.

1. These edible witch fingernails:


2. A brownie that was totally out of this world:

—Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno, Facebook

—Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno, Facebook

3. An unnecessary reminder that ketchup should only come in one color:


4. The tastiest three seconds of your life:


5. Your finest piece of jewelry:


6. The ultimate DIY school lunch:

Oscar Mayer

7. This colorful yogurt that was ~just~ for kids:


8. The breakfast that turned you into a paleontologist:


9. A snack that should have turned your head into a giant fruit:


10. The only push-up you ever liked doing:

—Carrie All, Facebook

—Carrie All, Facebook

11. The tastiest form of measurement:

General Mills

12. This overly complicated and sugary pacifier:

Topps / Via


13. A frosting + cookie combo that was a total slam dunk:


14. These buttons that peeled off more paper than actual candy:

—Kayla Yandoli, Facebook

—Kayla Yandoli, Facebook

15. This school lunch side dish that always put a smile on your face:


16. Your very first tattoo:


17. These fruit snacks that made you a true detective:


18. A truly wonderful ball of chocolate:


19. A questionable canned lunch, featuring meatballs or hot dogs:


20. Whatever the heck this thing was:

Betty Crocker / Walmart

21. The least flavorful gum ever:

—Carrie Ali, Facebook

—Carrie Ali, Facebook

22. Doritos in their truest form:


23. The most delicious rectangle you've ever eaten:


24. A drink that was more squeezable than your Beanie Babies:

Walmart / Squeezit

25. Ice cream that made you feel like an astronaut:


26. And, of course, the ultimate cheese and crackers spread:


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