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19 Shocking Movie Plot Twists That'll Honestly Mess You Up A Bit

I did NOT see that coming.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best movie plot twists they never saw coming. Here are the jaw-dropping moments.


1. In Us, when it was revealed that Red had been living as Adelaide for decades, and the real Adelaide was trapped under the boardwalk.

Monkeypaw Productions

2. In Orphan, when 9-year-old Esther turned out to be a 33-year-old murderer who was plotting against her new family.

Dark Castle Entertainment

3. In Hereditary, when Charlie had an allergic reaction and stuck her head out the window to get some fresh air, but she was decapitated by a road sign.


4. In The Sixth Sense, when the flashbacks showed that Malcolm Crowe was actually dead the whole time.

Hollywood Pictures

5. In Shutter Island, when Teddy Daniels was revealed to be a patient in the asylum, not a US marshal who was working on a case.

Paramount Pictures

6. In American Psycho, when Patrick visited Paul's apartment the day after the murders, assuming it would be covered in blood, but it was spotless.

Lionsgate Films

7. In Get Out, when Rose refused to give Chris the car keys, and he figured out what exactly was going on.

Blumhouse Productions

8. In The Visit, when the mom noticed over Skype that the people her kids were staying with weren't actually their grandparents, but escaped mental patients.

Blinding Edge Pictures

9. In Saw, when the "dead" body on the ground revealed himself to be Jigsaw.

Lionsgate Films

10. In The Others, when it was revealed that Grace and her children were ghosts the whole time, and she had killed them.

Dimension Films

11. In Murder on the Orient Express, when literally EVERYONE turned out to be the murderer.

EMI Films

12. In The Mist, when David had to kill everyone (including his son) so they could avoid painful deaths, and moments later he was saved by the US Army.

Dimension Films


13. In The Village, when everything turned out to be a social experiment, and the village was actually located deep in a forest preserve in the present day.

Touchstone Pictures

—Jane Choy, Facebook

14. In Goodnight Mommy, when Elias imagined that his brother (who had died in an accident) was alive the whole time.

Ulrich Seidl Film

15. In The Boy, when the porcelain doll was smashed, and then a real-life man emerged from inside the walls of the house, meaning Brahms actually survived the fire 20 years ago.

Lakeshore Entertainment

16. In I Am Legend, when Will Smith's character had to kill his dog — his only living friend in the entire world — because it got infected.

Warner Bros. Pictures

17. In The Uninvited, when Anna found out that Alex died in the fire, and that she'd been hallucinating her and even killed Rachel.

Paramount Pictures

18. In Psycho, when it was revealed that Norman Bates's mother was dead the whole time, and Norman was pretending to be her.

Paramount Pictures

19. And in Scream, when Drew Barrymore — who was promoted as the main character and was literally on the movie poster — was killed in the opening scene.

Dimension Films


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