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23 "Bad" Actors Who Are So Freaking Talented But Get Zero Credit For It

Justice for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which actors people always hate on that are actually really, really talented. Here are the A+ results.

1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart in an emotional scene with Julianne Moore in Still Alice
Sony Pictures Classics

Why you should give her credit: "Kristen Stewart has tried so hard to atone for Twilight (not that she really has to), and she's really succeeding. People need to be willing to step outside the mainstream and see her in the independent films she's done, because she's fantastic. But if you need something a little more mainstream, watch any of her SNL sketches and see how good she is with her comedic timing. She's so underrated, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise."

What you should watch her in: Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice, Charlie's Angels, Seberg, Into the Wild, and Camp X-Ray

johnmichaelw and phillo

2. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf confronting his son in Honey Boy
Amazon Studios

Why you should give him credit: "He's seriously underrated as an actor but dismissed because of all the memes and headlines about him. First of all, he was an AMAZING child actor — *cough* Holes, Even Stevens, Transformers, and, yes, even the fourth Indiana Jones. And look at him now! He wrote his own movie about his life and dealing with his father, and he's still a fantastic actor. If you still aren’t convinced, watch him eat hot wings on Hot Ones and talk about his personal life. He seems like a really cool, humble dude."

What you should watch him in: Honey Boy, Peanut Butter Falcon, and Fury

emohamlet and alejandra240552

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

Why you should give her credit: "She has always been an amazing actor, but people dismiss her as a mediocre rom-com lady. If you ever start to question her acting abilities, just watch her in some of her more dramatic roles, like in Enough or Hustlers. She even showed her comedy chops on Will and Grace!"

What you should watch her in: Hustlers, Selena, and Saturday Night Live


4. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley crying underwater in The Descendants
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Why you should give her credit: "She's absolutely phenomenal and doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, I think, because she came from ABC Family's soap opera–y The Secret Life of the American Teenager. If you need convincing, watch The Descendants, where she held her own opposite George Clooney. She was also on Big Little Lies, but her character was embarrassingly underwritten. Still, there were some really heartbreaking scenes in there that showed how talented she is."

What you should watch her in: The Descendants, Big Little Lies, The Spectacular Now, and White Bird in a Blizzard


5. Zac Efron

Zac Efron as Ted Bundy being confronted in prison in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Why you should give him credit: "I feel like people never take Zac Efron seriously because he was in High School Musical, but he's actually a great actor who can handle different types of roles, from comedy to drama. I remember when he was cast as Ted Bundy, and people were pissed. But when the movie came out, it was almost creepy how much he transformed into him. He was AMAZING, and there wasn’t a trace of Troy Bolton to be found, so people shut the hell up very quickly."

What you should watch him in: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, Hairspray, and The Paperboy

anjaxmiller, pandabear14, and wehavebeenbuzzfed

6. Regina Hall

Regina Hall in Support the Girls
Magnolia Pictures

Why you should give her credit: "I don’t think people give her enough credit because she starred in the Scary Movie franchise earlier in her career, but she has completely perfected her craft and stands out to me as one of the most superb actors working today. Don’t believe me? Check out Support the Girls. She brings so much humanity to that role, carrying the film with a brand of genuine sincerity and affecting humor so infrequently seen in films these days. Also, she is killing it on Black Monday."

What you should watch her in: Support the Girls, The Hate U Give, and Black Monday


7. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson yelling in The Lighthouse

Why you should give him credit: "Sure, his acting in Twilight was rough, but the subject matter didn't give him much to work with. He's truly been able to shine in indie films. He also stole the show in The King and completely morphed into a different human in The Lighthouse. Personally, I’m proud of him for how far he’s come and how vast an acting range he’s shown us."

What you should watch him in: The Lighthouse, Good Time, The King, High Life, and Maps to the Stars

karleea3 and shivsul

8. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson talking to Shia LaBeouf's character in Peanut Butter Falcon
Sony Pictures Classics

Why you should give her credit: "She’s mostly associated with Fifty Shades, but I think she’s a great actor who has so much potential as well. Watch her in anything else and you'll be impressed."

What you should watch her in: Bad Times at the El Royale, Suspiria, Peanut Butter Falcon, and Black Mass


9. Adam Sandler

Adams Sandler in Uncut Gems

Why you should give him credit: "The so-called problem with Adam Sandler is the quality of the films he was associated with for so long. But he's absolutely impeccable in any serious role he takes on. You just have to give him the chance to show you how great he is."

What you should watch him in: Uncut Gems, The Meyerowitz Stories, and Punch-Drunk Love

lostgirl1231 and sarahz4da86ae89

10. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chapelle talking to Bradley Cooper's character in A Star Is Born
Warner Bros. Pictures

Why you should give him credit: "OK, here's the thing...everyone knows that Dave Chappelle is incredibly funny, but most people don't think of him as a serious actor. If you need any convincing, then you absolutely need to watch him in A Star Is Born. His casual and subdued performance instantly makes you feel at home. You'll finish watching it and think, Dave Chappelle needs to be in more movies."

What you should watch him in: A Star Is Born

11. Lindsay Lohan

Universal Pictures

Why you should give her credit: "This might be a very unpopular opinion, but Lindsay Lohan is actually a fantastic actor. Her work generally goes unnoticed because of crappy scripts, but c’mon, people: The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and Georgia Rule. She's great, and you'd all agree if it weren't for that 'reputation' she got from her personal life and the tabloids."

What you should watch her in: The Parent Trap, Bobby, Georgia Rule, A Prairie Home Companion, and Mean Girls

Mia Wallace

12. Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher
Sony Pictures Classics

Why you should give him credit: "A lot of people aren't fans of his and only think he’s famous because of his looks, but he’s actually hilarious and so talented. His improvised moments in She’s the Man make the movie iconic, and he can even play dramatic roles. My dude can act."

What you should watch him in: Foxcatcher, The Hateful Eight, and Magic Mike


13. Aubrey Plaza

Side-by-sides of Aubrey Plaza in Ingrid Goes West

Why you should give her credit: "She has a great range and can play sarcastic, funny characters as well as romantic or badass heroic ones. She’s hilarious and a really talented actor in general. I wish she would get more recognition!"

What you should watch her in: Ingrid Goes West, Legion, and Safety Not Guaranteed

Hannah Gerbig

14. Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien as Void Stiles in Teen Wolf

Why you should give him credit: "Teen Wolf had some pretty mediocre storylines, but he really outshone everything, especially during the Void Stiles season. He played it to perfection. He can play anything, from a goofy teenager to an assassin on a revenge trip. He deserves so much more recognition!"

What you should watch him in: Teen Wolf, American Assassin, The Maze Runner, and his The Social Network reenactment

tchs01 and natalieb4415f6713

15. Zendaya

Zendaya's character begging for drugs in Euphoria

Why you should give her credit: "People don't give her enough credit because she spent most of her career on the Disney Channel, but her performances in both Spider-Man movies and Euphoria are amazing. She's absolutely phenomenal."

What you should watch her in: Euphoria, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and The Greatest Showman


16. Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen in an emotional scene in Life as a House
New Line Cinema

Why you should give him credit: "He gets a lot of unwarranted hate for the Star Wars prequels, but those weren't his fault. Like, I think we've all grown enough to acknowledge that there wasn't much more he could have done with those lines. Watch him in anything else and you'll be able to see the sheer power in his performances. He deserves a better reputation."

What you should watch him in: Life as a House and Shattered Glass

llin422 and MissAmanda

17. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes talking to Emma Stone's character in Easy A
Screen Gems

Why you should give her credit: "She's an excellent comedic actor, and it's too bad that her talent has been overshadowed by her personal struggles. She may have been in some poorly written films, but she was never bad in them herself. Easy A was a great movie that gave her the opportunity to show off her skills. Also, she hosted and performed multiple roles on her own sketch-comedy show when she was just a kid, which is really impressive."

What you should watch her in: Hairspray and Easy A


18. Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan in The Fall

Why you should give him credit: "Disregard Fifty Shades and watch The Fall, where he plays a serial killer. He's done a lot of serious roles and is so fantastic in all of them. I can't wait to see what else he comes out with."

What you should watch him in: The Fall, A Private War, and Once Upon a Time


19. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore crying in Scream
Dimension Films

Why you should give her credit: "I’ve loved everything she’s been in, and she definitely doesn’t get the hype she deserves! She’s been acting for basically her entire life (hello, E.T.), and continues to be amazing. I know 50 First Dates is a goofy movie, but her character made me weep! She's so good in comedic roles and in serious ones."

What you should watch her in: Grey Gardens, Scream, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Guncrazy, and Irreconcilable Differences


20. Blake Lively

Blake Lively being forceful in A Simple Favor

Why you should give her credit: "People always discredited Blake Lively's acting skills because she was on Gossip Girl, but I remember watching The Town in theaters and being genuinely blown away by her talent. She then reconfirmed my correct assumption in A Simple Favor. Just give her a chance, and you'll agree that she's super talented."

What you should watch her in: A Simple Favor and The Town

Spencer Althouse and gabbyg478b871df

21. Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman crying in Perks
Summit Entertainment

Why you should give him credit: "People STILL associate him with the Percy Jackson movies, but those were not his fault, and he did exactly what was given to him! He's fantastic in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and really holds his own alongside Al Pacino in Hunters. He deserves way more props."

What you should watch him in: Fury, Hunters, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Indignation


22. Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart in Hustlers

Why you should give her credit: "I think a lot of people hate on her because of the monstrosity that is Riverdale, but she actually portrays Betty Cooper so well, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for her talent. She literally carries the whole show to the best of her ability, considering that the plot is absolutely bonkers."

What you should watch her in: Hustlers, Miss Stevens, and Riverdale

myalrockwell and coolporcupine94

23. And, actually, the entire cast of Riverdale

Side-by-sides of the cast of Riverdale
The CW

Why you should give them credit: "The fact that they are not given good material doesn't mean they are not good actors, and I think people usually conflate the two. They do the best with what's written, and considering that what's written is extremely subpar, the popularity of the show is telling. They're all genuinely talented."

What you should watch them in: Riverdale, Palm Springs, The Hate U Give, Hustlers, and Scream

ameliaclaire5 and KK12345

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.