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21 Podcasts For Every Personality

This is why you should start listening to podcasts.

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6. If you have any interest in TV or screenwriting, listen to Nerdist Writers Panel.

It’s like Inside the Actor’s Studio, but with professional writers from shows like Friends and Freaks and Geeks, so it's an easy way to learn about the process and business of writing.

7. If you want to get or stay fit, listen to Ben Greenfield Fitness.

Because everyone needs a personal trainer, whether you’re just getting off the couch or training for your third marathon. It also simplifies things like nutrition and weightlifting, helping you reach your goal in the healthiest way possible.


16. If you like Sherlock or any type of mystery, listen to Sherlock Holmes Adventure.

Each 30-minute podcast is just as thrilling as the TV show, only they're more impressive because they don’t need a screen to keep your attention.