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    20 Best Celebrity Guest Stars On Friends

    Let the countdown begin.

    20. John Stamos

    19. Jim Rash

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    Season 10, Episode 19: The Last One: Part 1

    Season 10, Episode 20: The Last One: Part 2

    Academy Award winner Jim Rash is only credited as 'nervous male passenger' in the final two episodes of Friends, but his one-liners make the character unforgettable. In the episode, Phoebe tries to contact Rachel before her flight for Paris departs. In order to buy some time, Phoebe claims that there is a problem with the plane's left phalange. Jim Rash's character overhears the phone conversation and abandons the plane, claiming: "oh, my god! This plane doesn't even have a phalange!"

    18. Ben Stiller

    17. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

    16. Sean Penn

    15. Brooke Shields

    14. Dakota Fanning

    13. Dick Clark

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    Season 6, Episode 10: The One with the Routine

    Though Dick Clark never actually appeared in this episode, his name was mentioned several times, resulting in one of the greatest "Friends" scenes ever. Ross and Monica appear as background dancers for Dick Clark's New Years Eve TV broadcast, but they want more screen time on camera, so they perform their childhood dance routine.

    12. George Clooney and Noah Wyle

    11. Christina Applegate

    10. Alec Baldwin

    9. Julia Roberts

    8. Jennifer Coolidge

    7. Jason Alexander

    6. Winona Ryder

    5. Paul Rudd

    4. Tom Selleck

    3. Danny DeVito

    2. Bruce Willis

    1. Brad Pitt