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    20 Best Celebrity Guest Stars On Friends

    Let the countdown begin.

    20. John Stamos

    Season 9, Episode 22: The One with the Donor

    John Stamos guest stars as Zack, an unsuspecting sperm donor for Chandler and Monica. Zack is unknowlingly invited to dinner as a test to see if he will be a fitting donor. The couple scares him away, though, because of all the random health-related questions. This marks the turning point for Chandler and Monica, and they ultimately decide to adopt a baby instead.

    19. Jim Rash

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    Season 10, Episode 19: The Last One: Part 1

    Season 10, Episode 20: The Last One: Part 2

    Academy Award winner Jim Rash is only credited as 'nervous male passenger' in the final two episodes of Friends, but his one-liners make the character unforgettable. In the episode, Phoebe tries to contact Rachel before her flight for Paris departs. In order to buy some time, Phoebe claims that there is a problem with the plane's left phalange. Jim Rash's character overhears the phone conversation and abandons the plane, claiming: "oh, my god! This plane doesn't even have a phalange!"

    18. Ben Stiller

    Season 3, Episode 22: The One with the Screamer

    Rachel brings a date (Ben Stiller) to the opening of Joey's play, but he turns out to be extremely short-tempered and yells at everyone for the slightest inconveniences.

    17. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal

    Season 3, Episode 24: The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion

    Robin Williams and Billy Crystal burst onto screen by interrupting a conversation with the six friends, insisting that they make room for the two guest stars because there are no other open seats in Central Perk. Robin Williams' character mentions that he suspects his wife is cheating on him. The friends soon learn that Billy Crystal's character is the one who is sleeping with her.

    16. Sean Penn

    Season 8, Episode 6: The One with the Halloween Party

    Season 8, Episode 7: The One with the Stain

    Eric (Sean Penn) is originally engaged to Ursula, Phoebe's identical twin sister. Phoebe learns that Ursula lies in order to keep their relationship going, so she reveals this information to Eric. Eric and Phoebe develop feelings for one another, but Eric sleeps with Ursula, thinking that she is really Phoebe.

    15. Brooke Shields

    Season 2, Episode 12: The One After the Superbowl: Part 1

    Brooke Shields (Erika) plays a crazed fan of Dr. Drake Ramore, Joey's soap opera character. Erika sends Joey fan-mail, and the two eventually meet for dinner. However, Erika believes that Joey is actually Dr. Drake Ramore, and after a few glasses of wine, she also starts to believe that the two are engaged.

    14. Dakota Fanning

    Season 10, Episode 14: The One with Princess Consuela

    Chandler and Monica take Joey to see their new house, but Joey fears that he will lose them as friends when they move. Mackenzie (Dakota Fanning) ultimately helps Joey realize that Chandler and Monica will be happier in their new house.

    13. Dick Clark

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    Season 6, Episode 10: The One with the Routine

    Though Dick Clark never actually appeared in this episode, his name was mentioned several times, resulting in one of the greatest "Friends" scenes ever. Ross and Monica appear as background dancers for Dick Clark's New Years Eve TV broadcast, but they want more screen time on camera, so they perform their childhood dance routine.

    12. George Clooney and Noah Wyle

    Season 1, Episode 17: The One with Two Parts (2)

    In efforts to boost ratings, ER doctors George Clooney and Noah Wyle joined the cast of Friends for an episode, fittingly playing another set of doctors. When Rachel Green sprains her ankle, she changes her name at the hospital in order to use Monica's health insurance. The studly doctors ask Monica (Rachel) and Rachel (Monica) on a date, and, in true sitcom-y fashion, hijinks ensue.

    11. Christina Applegate

    Season 9, Episode 8: The One with Rachel's Other Sister

    Season 10, Episode 5: The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits

    It's a shame there wasn't an episode where all three Green sisters (Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Christina Applegate) get to interact with each other. Still, Applegate held her own. Applegate's character gets Emma's ears pierced when she babysits for Rachel.

    10. Alec Baldwin

    Season 8, Episode 17: The One with the Tea Leaves

    Season 8, Episode 18: The One in Massapequa

    Alec Baldwin plays the extremely enthusiastic Parker, a man who Phoebe meets at the Gellars' 35th wedding anniversary party. Parker compliments everyone and everything, but this becomes annoying to the partygoers.

    9. Julia Roberts

    Season 2, Episode Episode 13: The One After the Superbowl: Part 2

    Julia Roberts, aka Susie "Underpants" Moss, was a childhood friend of Chandler's. Year's ago, Chandler pulled down Susie's pants in front of the whole school, thus revealing her underwear. Viewing their reunion as the perfect opportunity for revenge, Susie goes on a date with Chandler and tricks him into wearing her underwear, leaving him stranded without any other clothes.

    8. Jennifer Coolidge

    Season 10, Episode 3: The One with Ross' Tan

    She had sex with Evel Knievel and was a perfect arse. Jennifer Coolidge guest starred as the inauthentically posh Amanda, an older friend who Phoebe and Monica try to "cut out." Amanda reveals that Phoebe once tried to cut out Monica, resulting in a fight. Coolidge's fake British accent deliciously adds to the few scenes she inhabits.

    7. Jason Alexander

    Season 7, Episode 13: The One Where Rosita Dies

    Phoebe takes a job as a telemarketer, and her first call is with Jason Alexander's character, a man who plans on killing himself. Feeling semi-responsible and newly attached, Phoebe tries to convince him otherwise.

    6. Winona Ryder

    Season 7, Episode 20: The One with Rachel's Kiss

    Winona Ryder plays Rachel's sorority sister, Melissa, in one of the most memorable Friends episodes ever. Rachel admits that she and Melissa exchanged a kiss during a drunken night in college. Phoebe, however, doesn't believe this story, ultimately causing Rachel to kiss Winona's character again in an attempt to unleash information about their original kiss. Melissa looks too far into the new kiss and unveils that she loves Rachel. Awkward.

    5. Paul Rudd

    Seasons 9 and 10

    Paul Rudd, aka Mike Hannigan, was first introduced as a random blind date for Phoebe. Mike later marries her - after an 18 episode stint throughout the series - claiming in his vows that she is "so wonderfully weird".

    4. Tom Selleck

    Seasons 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9

    With a mustache so prominent that it made Chandler feel inferior, Tom Selleck guest starred as Dr. Richard Burke for 10 episodes on Friends. Richard was originally friends with Jack and Judy Gellar (Ross and Monica's parents), but he ultimately became lovers with Monica (his "chippie in the city"). Richard, already a father and grandfather, didn't want to have children, though, so he and Monica split.

    3. Danny DeVito

    Season 10, Episode 11: The One Where the Stripper Cries

    Rachel and Monica hire a last-minute stripper for Phoebe's bachelorette party, but he, Danny DeVito ends up crying.

    2. Bruce Willis

    Season 6, Episodes 21, 22, and 23

    When Ross starts dating Elizabeth Stevens, his much younger student, her father (Bruce Willis) grows to dislike him. Eliabeth and Ross escape to her father's cabin, but Bruce Willis' character shows up with Rachel. In his Emmy-winning performance, Bruce Willis claims that he is a "neat guy" and starts singing and dancing to Love Machine, as a way of preparing himself for a night with Rachel.

    1. Brad Pitt

    Season 8, Episode 9: The One with The Rumor

    Brad Pitt guest starred as Will Colbert, Ross' best friend from high school. Will hated Rachel, claiming that his two biggest enemies are Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates, so he started a rumor that she was born with both male and female genitalia; he gave Rachel a teeny-weenie. This was especially rich because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were actually married when they filmed the episode.