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    Posted on Oct 22, 2013

    19 Things That Taste Better Than Candy Corn

    Happy Halloween.

    1. Hot dog water.

    2. The leftover crumbs stuck in Guy Fieri's goatee.

    Getty Images / Via

    3. Chalk.

    4. Urinal cakes.

    5. Old, dried-up skin from a Ped Egg.

    6. That bag of expired mystery cheese you randomly find in your roommate's fridge.

    7. This bag of fat.

    8. Crocs.

    9. The black-flamed candle from Hocus Pocus.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    10. A lurking fungus in the locker room.

    11. Lube.

    12. The inside lining of someone's running shoes.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    13. Ear wax.

    14. This lady's amazing fingernails.

    iTV News / Via

    15. The entire trash compactor room from Star Wars.

    16. Krumm's hairy armpits.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    17. This cigarette, mixed with fresh vomit.

    18. Bicycle girl from The Walking Dead.

    AMC / Via

    19. And the union between Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus.

    MTV / Via Buzzfeed - Lauren Yapalater