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18 Forgotten TV Characters From Your Favorite '90s Shows

How dare you forget about Donkeylips and Goo Punch.

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2. Eddie 'Donkeylips' Gelfen from Salute Your Shorts

Nickelodeon / Via

Played By: Michael Bower.

Most Memorable Moment: When he couldn't finish his art project because he ate all the spray-painted, uncooked macaroni.

4. Milton 'Goo' Berry from My Brother and Me

Played By: Jimmy Lee Newman.

Most Memorable Moment: When Deonne tried to make fun of Goo, but he snapped back, grabbing her hair and saying: "Zero, one, two, three, that looks like a weave to me."


8. Viper from Full House

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Played By: David Lipper.

Most Memorable Moment: When Uncle Jesse's new band "The Monkey Puppets" was unknowingly scheduled to play polka music at a gig, but Viper saved them by revealing that he once toured with his family's polka band.


10. Tino from My So-Called Life


Played By: No one. Tino never actually appeared onscreen.

Most Memorable Moment: When he was referenced as the lead singer of Jordan Catalano's band "The Frozen Embryos," making him the coolest nonexistent TV character ever.

11. Sharla from Kenan and Kel


Played By: Alexis Fields

Most Memorable Moment: When pop-star Tamia had to cancel her date with Kenan, and Sharla had to give him the bad news, but then the two realized they had feelings for one another.

12. Kevin Kopelow from All That


Played By: Kevin Kopelow.

Most Memorable Moment: When he'd consistently yell "Five minutes! The show starts in five minutes," which now probably makes you wonder why you liked All That in the first place.


13. Annie Mack from The Secret World of Alex Mack


Played By: Meredith Bishop.

Most Memorable Moment: When she first learned of Alex's powers and tried doing experiments on her so she could win a Nobel Prize.

14. Mike 'Grandpa' Woo from The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo


Played By: Pat Morita.

Most Memorable Moment: When he'd hide in the bushes and spy on Shelby and her friends to make sure she wasn't in any real danger.

16. Quizmaster Albert from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

ABC Family

Played By: Alimi Ballard.

Most Memorable Moment: When Sabrina went to his apartment in the Other Realm and found out he lived with a giant talking mouse.


Can you think of a forgotten TV character from the '90s? Add yours below!