15 Trends From The '90s I Hope Stick Around Forever, And 15 I Hope Stay Buried In The Past

    "I come back stronger than a '90s trend."

    I wasn't around to appreciate the golden age of '90s fashion as more than, like, baby clothes, but I feel like I've lived vicariously through Topanga Lawrence and Lisa Turtle.

    A lot of '90s trends have made a comeback over the last few years, and I'm totally here for most of them. However, there are a few that I think are best left in the past with the Walkman and dial-up internet.

    So, without further ado, here are 15 '90s trends I hope stick around forever and 15 I hope we leave behind.

    1. Acid wash jeans will always be cool.

    jeans with a bleached pattern

    2. As a short person, I have a personal vendetta against pedal pushers.

    pants that only go down to your mid-calf

    3. The blowout hairstyle Topanga had is absolute goals.

    side-part with lots of volume and a swept-back look

    4. Bucket hats just aren't it.

    5. Doc Martens are just about the coolest shoes you can own.

    combat boots

    6. Jelly sandals aren't worth feeling gross after, like, 15 minutes.

    soft plastic sandals

    7. I will never give up on oversized flannels.

    soft plaid button-down

    8. I just don't understand the point of sweater vests.

    a sweater with the arms chopped off basically

    9. Overalls are high-key underappreciated.


    10. Velvet is so posh.

    it's not just for couches

    11. Snakeskin print has bad energy.

    geometric, scale-like pattern

    12. Tie-dye will always be a vibe.

    colorful hand-dyed clothing

    13. Platform seakers are a broken bone waiting to happen.

    sneakers with six-inch heels

    14. Scrunchies are one of the best inventions ever made, and we should never stop wearing them.

    large, fabric hair tie

    15. I wouldn't wish the pain of a zigzag headband on anyone.

    pointy headband that poked your scalp

    16. High-waisted pants are the superior hemline.

    goes up to your stomach

    17. We can leave the cargo pants to Kim Possible.

    18. Clueless-style plaid sets are absolutely everything.

    coordinating blazers and skirts

    19. I'll give up my cardigan when Taylor Swift says so.

    loose woven jacket

    20. Vests are not it.

    like a sleeveless jacket

    21. Knee socks are cute, and someone should say it.

    socks that go up super high, often printed or colorful

    22. Terry cloth headbands and wristbands are just a little gross, though.

    athletic sweatbands and wristbands

    23. I recently hopped on the bike shorts train, and I'm never leaving.

    tight-fitting but stretchy athletic shorts

    24. I won't mind if we ditch skorts for good.

    shorts with a skirt overlay

    25. A denim jacket is always a good idea, IMO.

    26. Those thick, tinted sunglasses should never again be a summer staple.


    27. A striped sweater will never be anything less than the perfect choice.

    they were very grunge

    28. Slap bracelets aren't worth it.

    the bracelet was stiff until you slapped it against your wrist

    29. Slip dresses are simply stunning.

    simple satin tank dress

    30. And finally, let's keep looking at pencil-thin eyebrows in the review mirror.

    they looked drawn-on

    What '90s trends do you wish would stick around for good? Which ones do you hope to never see again? Let me know in the comments!