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21 Times The England Women's Football Team Gave You Squad Goals

Who run the world?

1. When they were SUPER excited to go to the gym together.

2. And absolutely thrilled about going to Canada for the World Cup.

3. Seriously excited.

4. When they somehow managed to make a spin class look like a lot of fun.

5. When they were BFFs on the pitch.

6. And off the pitch.

7. When they took the day off from World Cup training to go on a cute sightseeing trip together.

8. When they went to Niagara Falls and had THE BEST time.

9. Then took this unbelievably nerdy green screen pic.

10. When they rocked these sweet ponchos and didn't even care.

11. And managed to make these weird recovery trousers look good.

12. When Prince William was made an honorary squad member.

13. When they were literally the best of friends.

14. Who love hanging out together.

15. And eating ice cream.

16. When they were absolutely destroyed by training.

17. But still took the best team photos.

18. When they were fierce AF.

19. And absolutely slayed on the pitch.

20. Because they are SO strong.

21. And just the best of friends.

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