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What It Was Like For Queer Women To Watch Television This Year

There was a lot of heartache this year, but it wasn't all bad. Some serious end-of-year spoilers ahead.

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There is still a long way to go when it comes to the representation of gay and bisexual women on television (can't believe we are still saying that), but 2016 taught us some valuable lessons.

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According to the annual GLAAD report, bisexual representation rose from last year's numbers to 30%, and the amount of LGBT characters appearing on streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu also went up. That gives us a lot to celebrate.

Meanwhile, lesbian characters made up only 17% of the broadcast television LGBT community — dropping from last year’s 33%.

Most dramatically, the number of queer female characters killed off on television peaked in 2016 with at least 20 onscreen deaths.


It's been a long year.


Poussey Washington was killed in a scene that easily stands as the most controversial and emotional of the Netflix series to date and resulted in you sobbing in the shower at random for a few days.


And just when Poussey and Soso were getting into a serious, healthy relationship!


7. Just when all these depressing storylines were starting to get you down — San Junipero became a vacation destination near and dear to our hearts.

*Blasts '80s playlist*


8. And let's not forget about the moment Sara Lance gifted you with the most amazing bar fight on television in Legends of Tomorrow (well, it's definitely up there):

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You'll never hear Captain and Tennille in the same way.

9. When you heard that Netflix was serving up eight stand-alone stories about love and relationships in its new series Easy, you were skeptical — until one episode stood out to your, um, interests.


10. And just when you thought happy endings might only be a fluke in queer girl TV, Supergirl came along to solidly restore your faith in humanity/television.

What moments in queer girl television had you feeling some sort of way this year?