Everything You Need To Know About THAT Scene In "OITNB" Season 4

    Yes, that one. All the spoilers ahead — you've been warned.

    If you avoided spoilers and made it through the entire fourth season of Orange Is the New Black, you know that Poussey Washington, one of the show's most loved characters, was killed off in what is now easily the most controversial and emotional episode of the Netflix series.

    Here's everything you need to know about the loss of one of OITNB's most beloved characters.

    1. Samira Wiley found out her character was going to be killed off at the beginning of Season 4 production, but she had to keep the storyline a secret from her castmates, and the world, during filming.

    2. Wiley asked permission to let a few castmates hear about the twist directly from her. She sat down Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba over a bottle of wine to break the news.

    3. The episode was directed by Mad Men's Matthew Weiner (his first time directing on the series) and written by Lauren Morelli, Samira Wiley's real-life girlfriend.

    Wiley didn't find out her actual girlfriend would be writing the episode right away, but told The Hollywood Reporter she felt safe with the story in Morelli's capable hands.

    "I knew that she would take so much care, I knew that she understood the magnitude and the impact that we could have with the story we were trying to tell," Wiley said. "Our relationship started as a professional relationship and I admire Lauren's work as a writer, I’m such a fan of hers from the beginning. So I again felt so honored to be able to have Lauren write the final episode of Poussey in prison."

    When Morelli finished the first draft of the scene, she burst out in tears. "There was something in the actual writing of that paragraph that tore me apart. So when I got to set, I had done my grieving," the writer told the New York Times.

    4. On the day they filmed the emotional scene, the entire cast was on set.

    5. To film the scene with CO Bayley leaning on Poussey's back, the crew constructed a cast over the lower half of Wiley's body so she wouldn't get hurt.

    6. And Wiley cracked jokes in between takes to lighten the mood.

    7. Wiley was informed, even before she had the script, that the storyline would mirror the Black Lives Matter movement.

    "At the end of the day, I honestly feel pretty honored to be able to be the person or the character or the actor they entrusted with the responsibility of bringing this story to light and bringing this story to a bunch of people in whatever parts of America or whatever parts of the world where this hasn't really permeated their world yet," Wiley added in her Vulture interview.

    8. Wiley's only regret now that she's leaving the show? Never getting the chance to film a scene with Red (Kate Mulgrew).

    9. The show's creator, Jenji Kohan, was the one who directed Wiley to look directly at the camera, breaking the fourth wall, in that New York City flashback scene.

    As Wiley told Vulture: "We were on set and we were doing it over and over, and then somebody comes over and they're like, 'Jenji said look in the camera.' I'm like, Jenji said what?! She ain't say that. I thought they were playing with me. And they were like, 'No, she wants you to look straight into the camera.' I was like, This is ridiculous, because we had done it a lot of times just me looking off. I was like okay, this is just the genius of Jenji Kohan, I guess I’ll do this and then she'll see or everybody will see later it don't work. But no, they obviously used it."