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19 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "The Birdcage"

"'You look tired' means 'you look old.' And 'you look rested' means 'you've had collagen.'"

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1. Director Mike Nichols required that Nathan Lane and Robin Williams film at least one take of each scene sticking to the script before he would allow them to improvise.


4. The two-minute-long opening sequence seems like one continuous shot when, in fact, it comprises three separate shots combined later through editing:

Nichols Film Company / Via

Shot one began in a helicopter and ended over the street in Miami's South Beach area.

Nichols Film Company

Shot two began on a crane, with the Steadicam operator being gradually lowered to the ground before walking across the street. The last shot, in the interior, was filmed on a studio soundstage.


13. Mike Nichols had the cast study footage of drag queen performances prior to filming.

Nichols Film Company

The drag queens in the film, who were all professional dancers, had to learn to perform in heels.

17. The song that Albert rehearses during the gum-chewing incident is entitled "Little Dream" and was written specifically for the film.

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19. Finally, during the "toast schmear" scene, director Mike Nichols was laughing so hard he had to be covered with a blanket.

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And really, can you blame him?


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