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    I'm Only Here To Talk About How Much Lili Reinhart Loves "Shrek"

    "Please stop sending me foot in mouth Shrek."

    Hello, there! I'd like to introduce you to Lili Reinhart, Riverdale actress and Shrek enthusiast.

    I call this one: Fiona left Shrek, dyed her hair blonde and went to Vegas.

    Didn't know that last part, did ya? Well, she's like an onion. She has layers. And one of those layers really likes Shrek.

    No, seriously. She loves this movie.

    No one should ever have to watch Shrek alone. THAT is a travesty.

    She tweets about it all the time.

    Showed my sister my new license photo saying "I look like shrek." She goes.. "you don't look like shrek. You look like the pig from shrek."

    Like a lot.

    Just slowly realizing how good Fiona had it before Shrek came along. Not bothered by anyone, gets to sleep all day, has a nice view, doesn’t need to wear makeup or change clothes—

    And now she's gone from tweets to memes. Lili sent this popular Shrek meme to her boyfriend Cole Sprouse who, frankly, had a pretty great reaction.

    Since his response makes it seem like this is typical behavior, I bet you're wondering "Just how many Shrek memes are you sending, girl?"

    When you choose Shrek on Netflix and bae doesn't ask you to change it.... #riverdale.

    Well, let me tell you! She sent the exact same meme to both her mom and sister... well as Camila Mendes.

    I think it's safe to say that the girl is obsessed. But, who can blame her??? Shrek is basically a cinematic masterpiece. I mean, it has a creative spin on classic fairytales, but also has dirty jokes, life lessons, and a kick-ass soundtrack. What's not to love?

    Keep doing you, Lili. Keep doing you.