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Lili Reinhart And Camila Mendes From "Riverdale" Just Clapped The F Back At A Magazine For Photoshopping

"You can't 'fix' us."

This is Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, the stars of Riverdale.

Being the talented and gorgeous ladies that they are, they were both featured in Cosmopolitan's February issue last month.

Well, Cosmopolitan Philippines recently shared a few of the photos on Instagram, but with one major difference — the girls had been photoshopped.

After recognizing International Women's Day in a separate post, Riverdale's Betty wrote "...we still have a long way to go. Our fight is not over. For example..."

The actor compared images from her original photoshoot to ones altered by Cosmo Philippines.

She also shared a comparison of Camila.

Instagram: @

Lili thanked Cosmopolitan US for "keeping [their] waists as they are in their magazines."

Speaking for herself and her costar, Lili wrote that they had both "worked incredibly hard to feel confident" and that "it's an every day battle."

Camila shared her own message to fans, saying that she felt "disrespected and disturbed."

Instagram: @

Lili encouraged other celebrities and public figures to stop photoshopping their bodies because "it's only encouraging an unrealistic body image."

Finally, she ended her message with a powerful reminder: "We are fucking powerful, beautiful, and strong."

And don't you forget it!


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