Lili Reinhart Just Dragged A Photoshopping App For "Creating Unrealistic Standards Of Human Bodies"

    "This is not okay."

    Lili Reinhart has never shied away from sharing her thoughts on body image, often speaking up about the toxicity of social media and unrealistic expectations we face.

    Well, the Riverdale actor has done it again, this time calling out a photo-editing app on Sunday.

    In a lengthy Instagram story, the 23-year-old wrote about an app she discovered while searching for one that would help her resize her photos to better fit Instagram.

    The app, called BodyTune, "proceeded to play a little clip as part of their advertisement, which I screen recorded," she wrote, before showing a video of the ad shrinking a woman's waist, legs, and arms.

    "This is not okay. This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies," the Hustlers star wrote.

    "I implore you: do not use these kinds of apps," she said, adding that they "create unrealistic standards of human bodies."

    She continued:

    We are better than this. Looking "skinnier" in a photo on Instagram is not worth the detrimental psychological effects that these photoshopping apps have given our generation. Our bodies should not conform to "one size fits all." If we applaud and praise the men and women who photoshop the shit out of themselves, it's only encouraging them to continue, and to feel like the only way they will be accepted is if they keep altering themselves.

    Lili concluded with the message that "the world is a lot brighter" when you stop trying to conform to "fake/unreal standards."

    In addition to these types of apps, celebrities, influencers, and the media are constantly promoting diet products or other ways for people to look slimmer or to fit one "ideal." So, it's very refreshing for someone like Lili to be so open and honest about its harmful effects, and promoting a healthier outlook.

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