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    19 Times Shows And Movies Gave Women Bangs To Make It Seem Like Time Had Passed

    Now let's ask the age-old question: Should I get bangs?

    1. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Black Widow proved even superheroes get the flashback bangs treatment too.

    Present-day Black Widow with swoopy hair and middle part next to flashback Black Widow with floppy bangs.

    2. In Always Be My Maybe, when they said "Sasha's teenage years = bangs, obviously."

    Present-day Sasha with her hair pulled back in a pony tail and flashback Sasha with straight bangs and braces.

    3. In Shrill, when college Annie had an affinity for being kinda awkward but also for having thick, blunt bangs.

    Present-day Annie with a side part and smiling next to flashback Annie with thick straight bangs.

    4. In Hustlers, when Destiny proved that bangs are *not* always a good idea.

    Present-day Destiny with a sleek side part and flashback Destiny with straight, blunt, horrible bangs.

    5. In This Is Us, when they did Kate so dirty by giving her these fake clip-on bangs.

    Present-day Kate with her hair pulled back with side part and flashback Kate with horrible fake bangs.

    6. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when we found out Amy had a total Karen cut with an extra side of bangs when she started working at the precinct.

    Present-day Amy with straight hair and flashback Amy with a poufy shoulder-length wig with bangs.

    7. In Love Life, when Darby had to struggle through her awkward bangs era before evolving into her fashion-forward middle part era.

    Present-day Darby with a wavy hair and middle part and flashback Darby with a side ponytail with bangs and layers.

    8. In Scandal, when even Olivia proved you need to have a good set of bangs before becoming a gladiator.

    Present-day Olivia Pope with relaxed hair with curls and a side part next to flashback Olivia with relaxed hair and thick bangs.

    9. In Friends, when teenage Rachel rocked her best teased '80s fringe.

    Present-day Rachel with straightened hair and flashback Rachel with teased bangs.

    10. In You, when they said Love could also have a little bit of bangs — as a treat.

    Present-day Love with wavy hair and a middle part and flashback Love with the same wavy hair but with bangs.

    11. On Bob's Burgers, when Linda proved that even cartoon characters can have questionable hairdos too!!!

    Present-day Linda with a middle part and swoopy ends next to flashback Linda with messy bangs.

    12. In The Bold Type, when Jane proved that literally everyone has to start out as an intern with bangs before their career can soar.

    Present-day Jane with a sleek low ponytail and middle part next to flashback Jane with a topknot and thick, bushy bangs.

    13. In Little Women, when they gave Amy some whispy bangs that just screamed ~youth~.

    Present-day Amy with hair hair pulled back in an updo and flashback Amy wearing her hair pulled back in braids with bangs.

    14. On Arrow, when they proved, yet again, that "flashback Sara = weird, ill-fitting bangs."

    Present-day Sara with wavy curls and a side part next to flashback Sara with yellow-y blunt bangs with layers.

    15. In Made for Love, when Hazel's questionable past included some equally questionable bangs.

    Present-day Hazel with straight hair and a side part next to flashback Hazel with straight hair and poufy bangs.

    16. On New Girl, when they did a little switcheroo and took away Jess's bangs for the flashback.

    Present-day Jess with bangs and curly hair next to flashback Jess with no bangs and straight hair.

    17. On Revenge, when they gave young Emily the blunt bang look that our elementary school selves know all too well.

    Present-day Emily with a middle part and waves next to flashback Emily with extremely straight hair and blunt bangs.

    18. In The 100, when Octavia proved that it's still possible to rock bangs during a nuclear Armageddon.

    Present-day Octavia with a middle part and straight hair next to flashback Octavia with a high ponytail and thick bangs.

    19. And finally, on Grey's Anatomy, when they technically created an ~alternate reality~ but decided Cristina still needed some questionable bangs.

    Present-day Cristina with super curly hair and alternate reality Cristina with swoopy straight hair and bad, blunt bangs.

    So, how do you really feel about the flashback bangs trope? Did we miss any good ones? Tell us in the comments!