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Everyone Knows That Wonder Woman Is A Badass, Including Chris Hemsworth

But could she wield Mjölnir?

It's only been a few days since its release, but the new DC film Wonder Woman has already DOMINATED at the box office, breaking records (and barriers) left and right.

In a Thursday interview with Yahoo News, Wonder Woman herself — actress Gal Gadot — met with Katie Couric at NYC's Midtown Comics to discuss the female-empowering flick.

During the interview, Gal posed a very important question to fellow superhero actor, Chris Hemsworth.

Hey @chrishemsworth -- @GalGadot has something to ask you... #wonderwoman

Hemsworth plays Marvel Comics' Thor, a god from Norse mythology; Wonder Woman, aka Diana Prince, happens to be the daughter of Greek god, Zeus, making her a god as well. They both have unbelievable power and strength that easily rivals human heroes such as Captain America or Iron Man.

You would think that two gods battling each other would be a pretty even fight, but when it comes down to it, Hemsworth thinks Wonder Woman would walk away the champion.

@katiecouric @GalGadot I think she'd kick Thor's a**

And people seem to agree:

I agree!! 💥

Even Thor knows #WonderWoman is the best 💥⚔️

In fact:

@chrishemsworth @katiecouric @GalGadot I mean, she straight up was Thor that won time she stole mjolnir so yeah, th…