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    The Upcoming "Beauty And The Beast" Prequel About Gaston Is Facing A Ton Of Backlash On Twitter

    It's a no from me.

    A Beauty and the Beast prequel is officially in the works at Disney+.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series — helmed by Once Upon a Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz — will be a "six-episode musical event" following the lives of Gaston and LeFou.

    Luke Evans and Josh Gad, who portrayed the characters in Disney's 2017 BATB live-action film, are both set to reprise their roles in the series.

    Of course, some fans are definitely excited about the news.

    I'm sooo excited for the news about the Gaston and LeFou prequel on Disney+ 😭🙏💕💕 It's what I've always wanted 💕✨💕✨💕✨

    I’m actually pretty excited about this. Gaston and LeFou stole the show. 🙌🙌🙌

    Listen, I am a Live Action Beauty and The Beast stan so I’m excited for the mini show with LeFou and Gaston cause it’s gonna be chaotic and hilarious. I’m excited for it!

    i’m so excited for the gaston disney + series oh my GOD. i said two years ago that i want to see a prequel about gaston before/during the war and WHY he is the asshole that he is. i’m so EXCITED he is my favorite bad guy and i love him a LOT

    However, others are decidedly NOT.

    Just heard they’re making a live action Beauty and the Beast prequel series on Disney+ about Gaston and LeFou ... List of things I do not want to see and did not in fact ask for: • a live action Beauty and the Beast prequel series on Disney+ about Gaston and LeFou

    Who the fuck gives a fuck about a Gaston’s backstory????????? How about Beast’s origin story.

    Some noted that of all the villains to get an origin story, Gaston is the least interesting.

    gaston is the worst disney villain bc he has absolutely no redeeming qualities. think about it. cruelly is FASHIONABLE. hades is SASSY. scar is GAY. what does gaston have? NOTHING but a butt chin and too much to say

    Unlike, say, Ursula who clearly had on magical, going beef with all of Mer-dom (and was probably Triton's lover before he married Ariel's mom), Gaston is just a straight up misogynistic abuser. Does he need a prequel???

    Moreover, he is straight-up problematic AF.

    Gaston is the most toxic of Disney villains. His brand of masculine fragility and misogyny is not deserving of anymore screen time.

    People can't believe that shows like Love, Victor and Lizzie McGuire were removed from the streaming platform (or halted indefinitely) for not being "family-friendly," when Gaston is misogynistic, manipulative, and the very picture of toxic masculinity.

    So, let me get this straight: #LoveVictor is not family friendly cause gay. #LizzieMcGuire is not family friendly cause sex. But Gaston's womanizing, misogynistic ways are cause ...patriarchy?

    a Disney executive somewhere: what stories should we be telling in the era of #MeToo? another Disney executive: well, I know Gaston tried to institutionalize a woman’s father, because she rejected him, but otherwise I think he was honestly pretty sympathetic? Let’s explore that!

    To refresh your memory, Gaston actually tells Belle that "it's not right for a woman to read" because she'll start "getting ideas, and thinking."

    He also tries to take away Belle's free will, planning a wedding for them before he's even proposed and insisting that, were they to marry, they'd *obviously* have six or seven "strapping boys like [him]."

    Not to mention he bribes someone to lock her father away in an asylum if she doesn't marry him, creates a mob to go after Beast once he's rejected, and tries to kill him!!

    Yes, I get it, he's a villain. He's supposed to be bad, blah blah blah. But, do we really need more stories about a man who exemplifies real-life, everyday villains women deal with to this day?

    IDK fam, idk. How do you feel about this upcoming Beauty and the Beast prequel? Tell us in the comments!