I Read "Nine Perfect Strangers" Before I Watched The Show — Here Are All The Changes I Noticed


    For the most part, the Nine Perfect Strangers series adaptation stuck to the core of Liane Moriarty's book, but that doesn't mean there weren't any differences.

    🚨 Obvious spoilers ahead 🚨

    If you haven't seen all eight episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers, don't hurt your feelings by scrolling!

    1. Tranquillum House gets a location change.

    The interior features geometric shapes throughout the flooring and high cielings

    2. What happened to silence?

    3. Origin story with a twist.

    Masha standing inside the house

    4. The graveyard shift.

    A woman sitting in a grave she dug

    5. Tranquillum love triangle.

    Yao looking at someone offscreen as Masha looks at him

    6. Pool problems.

    Tony floating in a pool

    7. Earth Day gets cray cray!

    A man carying a goat around his shoulders

    8. Lars is a liar.

    Lars meditating on the floor

    9. Character quarrel.

    Carmel lunging over a table at Lars as people trying to pull her off

    10. "Sometimes I feel like somebody's watching me."

    Masha looking out of a window with a small smile on her face

    11. Tony's football fight.

    Tony sitting in a bar as a man looks at him

    12. More money, more problems,

    Ben and Jessica sitting at a candlelit dinner table

    13. Microdosing, plus more.

    14. Revelations come to light.

    15. Other offsping.

    16. Missing Marconis.

    17. The great escape.

    Did you notice a difference in the series that I missed? Tell me about it in the comments!