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23 Lessons The Crap Parents Of Popstars Can Teach You About How Not To Raise A Kid

You know that wistful little song Cats in the Cradle? About a kid who wants to be just like his old man but his dad has no time for him, and then the kid grows up to be just like his dad and doesn’t have time for his old man? Yeah, these examples are a little bit more messed up than that...

Shihab S Joi • 4 years ago

28 Defining Moments In Music That Made British Asians Stand Up And Be Counted (and A Few That Made Us Go Wtf?)

Long before it was normal to see the likes of Zayn Malik and Jay Sean strutting their stuff on music channels, seeing an Asian singing on mainstream TV was the stuff of squeals. Back in the four-channel days of 80s, Asians only ever really burst into song on Blind Date (always viewed cringing from behind the sofa), until all this suddenly started to happen…

Shihab S Joi • 5 years ago