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    Shia LaBeouf Is Sitting In A Room With A Bag Over His Head For An Art Stunt In L.A.

    People can come in off the street one by one for the #IAMSORRY exhibit, but the actor doesn't say a word. It's kind of weird, and it's across the street from BuzzFeed's L.A. office.

    Shia LaBeouf is appearing in an art exhibit called #IAMSORRY in L.A.

    Adam B. Vary / BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @adambvary

    He is calling this a collaborative project with Finnish performance artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and meta-modernist Luke Turner, as first reported.

    The man by the doorway in the photo above is a security guard, who waves a wand over you before you enter the building on Beverly Blvd. one at a time, presumably to check for weapons.

    When a guest first enters the space, a woman, who appears to be Rönkkö, invites the guest to choose from one of many "implements" on a table.

    Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

    There was no photography allowed, but the implements include a leather whip, a pair of pliers, a vase of daisies, an Optimus Prime Transformer toy, a bowl of Hershey's kisses, a bowl of folded slips of paper containing tweets about LaBeouf, a large bottle of Jack Daniels, a small bottle of Brut cologne, a pink ukulele, and the graphic novel The Death-Ray by Daniel Clowes.

    The choice of Clowes' book is especially pointed since LaBeouf's odd behavior — which has included tweeting the phrase "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE" day after day — began after BuzzFeed broke the news that LaBeouf's short film was a shot-for-shot copy of Clowes' 2007 comic Justin M. Damiano.

    Then the guest is invited behind a black curtain, where LaBeouf is sitting at a table, in a tuxedo, with a paper bag over his head with the text "I am not famous anymore" written over it.

    Tobias Schwarz / Reuters

    It's similar to the bag LaBeouf wore at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of director Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac.

    LaBeouf sits at the table, with his hands palms down on top of it, and does not say anything, no matter what is brought into the room with him. When I asked him if he was talking at all, he barely chuckled, and appeared to smile underneath the bag. At no point did he break eye contact with me, and the paper just underneath the eyeholes of the bag was wet, as if LaBeouf had been crying. He also did not interact with what I brought in, Clowes' book, even after I asked him to read it.

    Multiple BuzzFeed staffers visited the exhibit — which is located across the street from BuzzFeed's L.A. office — and all reported similar, and similarly weird, experiences. One staffer, however, did shake LaBeouf's hand before leaving. UPDATE: Fearless BuzzFeed staffer Mike Spohr actually took off the bag from LaBeouf's head, after asking multiple times for permission, and finally receiving a head nod from LaBeouf. At no point did LaBeouf move or speak, and he did not aid Spohr in placing the bag back on his head.

    The entire stunt is very similar to artist Marina Abramovic's famous installation "The Artist is Present" at New York's Museum of Modern Art, in which the artist sat at a table across from series of single museum visitors over the course of three months in 2010.

    The exhibit is running from Tuesday, Feb. 11, through Sunday, Feb. 16. Apparently, LaBeouf is not sorry on a Monday.