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    22 Things You Should Never Say To A Black Girl

    "Can I touch your hair?" No.

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    1. “I’m not usually into black girls, but you’re really pretty.”

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    And I’m not usually into assholes, so this isn’t going to work out.

    2. “Can I touch your hair?”

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    Am I a dog?

    3. "I'm dying to know, is your hair real?"

    Harpo Productions / Via

    Are you real?

    4. "Where are you from originally?"

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    Oh, you automatically thought I was from a foreign country because of my skin color?

    5. “No, like, where are you really from?”

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    Ya know, I could ask you the same question.

    6. “Why do you all hang out together? It’s like you segregate yourselves.”


    Friends. We all have friends. Why do white people always get to sit together?

    7. “You’ll definitely get into college, affirmative action!”

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    Yikes, I don’t have time to explain the centuries of institutionalized racism that led to Affirmative Action. But maybe I got good grades in high school, was super involved and wrote a kick ass essay? Just maybe?

    8. “I know the perfect guy for you!”

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    Let me guess: he's black too?! We already have so much in common!

    9. “Wait, so your hair gets curly if it gets wet?”

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    Yes. Yes it does.

    10. “But you’re not like black black.”

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    And you’re not smart smart.

    11. “You’ll love her — she’s sassy, like you!”

    beyoncegifs / Via

    Aka, "she’s black."

    12. “Why do you talk like that?”

    NBC / Via

    Because that’s my voice?

    13. "Did you play basketball in high school?"

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    No. Did you?

    14. “Why does Beyoncé have different hair than yours?”

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    Probably because she’s a different person than me and there are about a trillion different types of hair. She also has a trillion more dollars than me.

    15. “Why are you putting on sunblock? It’s not like you’re going to get burned!”

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    Ha. Ha. That’s a really cute joke. You know what isn’t cute? Skin cancer.

    16. “Can you teach me how to twerk?”

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    17. “Kerry Washington is so beautiful.”

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    Yes, yes she is. But I literally just met you and I’m sure we can find other things in common besides being able to name famous black people.

    18. “Can you cornrow my hair?”

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    19. “My nanny was black!”

    UPN / Via

    And so is my mom. What's your point exactly?

    20. “Were you really happy when Lupita won the Oscar?”


    Yeah, because it was an incredible performance and she deserved it. We don't automatically root for all black people.

    21. “Black and Asian is like, my favorite combination.”

    Universal / Via

    Would you do me a favor and not talk about humans as if they’re a type of dog breed? Thanks.

    22. “I love rap music.”

    VH1 / Via

    Good for you, but knowing one Kanye West song doesn’t make you the Black Person Whisperer.

    Stay strong, girls.

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