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    Posted on Apr 7, 2016

    Melissa McCarthy And Kristen Bell Are Here To Give You Advice


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    Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell are two of the funniest, most intelligent, all-around-badass women in Hollywood. And because we are #blessed, the stars of The Boss have answered YOUR questions!!!

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    Since Melissa and Kristen have some pretty bomb-ass marriages (to Ben Falcone and Dax Shepard respectively), Deedenisse wanted to know, "What is the key to a good marriage?" Kristen said it was all about healthy arguing...


    ...while Melissa brought out the "awwwws" with some major compliments about her hubby.


    Kristen: I think learning how to fight — for real, not like spar. Because I think humans disagree a lot. It’s gonna happen, you can’t there’s no way to get around it. But if you learn how to have healthy arguments, I think it’s the best thing for a marriage.

    Melissa: I was going to say my trick is I married someone a billion times nicer and kinder and more patient and then [for] some reason he puts up with me. And it’s worked out well.

    Then we wanted to hear their advice on all things body image:

    "You’re both beautiful women who have championed self-love and positive body image. From someone struggling to love the way they look, how did you come to be comfortable with yourselves?" asked evem4bf4d39b5. Melissa said it was all about perspective.

    And Kristen knew that as long as you fill your life with love, everything's gonna be all right.

    Kristen: In truth, I became much more comfortable as I grew older and as you let go your desire to compare yourself to everything and everyone.

    Melissa: You realize how unreasonable that is.

    Kristen: Once you can really understand we are given an unrealistic and unattainable idea and representation of beauty, you go, "Oh wait a minute — the whole thing’s just a joke and a trick? Oh then who cares!"

    Melissa: The worrying about what other people think of you becomes so unimportant.

    Kristen: Also when you fill your life with wonderful things and friends and love, you just don’t have time to worry about nonsense.

    Though we love getting advice from Melissa and Kristen, Nicolas45caaf4f9 wanted to know the best piece of advice they've received in pursuit of their goals. Kristen had some wise words about being unique — and some treasured words from Cher herself!


    While Melissa looked to her mama.


    Kristen: Find what makes you unique, because if you can be unique and be yourself, you are irreplaceable. But the minute you start to fall in line, you’re a dime a dozen.

    Melissa: That’s a goodie.

    Kristen: Right? Also Cher once told me, "If it doesn’t matter in five years, it doesn’t matter."

    Melissa: Thank you, Cher.

    Kristen: Truer words.

    Melissa: God I wish Cher had told me something. I remember when I was never getting hired ‚ which was a good 20, 22 years — and I thought maybe I'll go into production and I'll stop the acting side of it and I’ll do this. And I remember my mom — I thought she was going to be thrilled with that [move], much more stable — and she said, "When are you going to get back to doing what you do? Doesn’t matter what the outcome is, you need to do what it is you do and just kind of stay the course."

    Finally oliviah4daf280c0 wanted to know who they were superfans of, not including each other. Kristen looooooves Dax.


    And Melissa is a fan of Ben's! Brb, crying.


    Kristen: Is it really lame if I say my husband?

    BuzzFeed: No, that’s really cute.

    Kristen: First of all, I have Stockholm Syndrome, let’s start there OK? He captured me about 8 years ago—

    Melissa: It’s true guys.

    Kristen: He has done a great job of brainwashing me and I'm telling you i am in, OK? Well, you've worked with him—

    Melissa: I knew Dax before you.

    Kristen: That's true.

    Melissa: I could've been Mrs. Dax. We don't know, it was never offered.

    Kristen: I don't even want to know if you guys hooked up.

    Melissa: Never! No. No.

    Kristen: Because I don't even want to ask those questions and I wouldn't put it past either of you and that's fine. You were young, you were kids, you were both gorgeous.

    Melissa: Wouldn't it be weird if right now I'm like, "By the way, we dated for six months, on the DL."

    Kristen:"... and we're still in love." No, I’m a big fan of my husband. He’s funny, he’s kind he’s committed to me and our daughters and a thousand other wonderful things and he just makes me smile.

    Melissa: Now I have to say Ben too but I mean it. He’s my best friend and he makes me laugh, like gut laugh, starting to pass out, I’m seeing sparkles —

    Kristen: He is so funny.

    Melissa: About four times a day and I don’t know anything that’s better than that.

    You can see Melissa and Kristen in The Boss, in theaters April 8!

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