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    24 Witchy Things To Treat Yourself To This Halloween

    Everything but the broomstick.

    1. A set of spooky enamel pins you'll be able to throw on your backpack, jacket, pointy hat...whatever!

    2. A cute mug that'll let everyone know exactly what you really are.

    3. A velvet journal you'll want to write down each and every one of your spells ... err ... thoughts ... in.

    4. A sheer bat dress the rest of your coven will 100% be jealous of and want to borrow immediately.

    5. A set of Sanderson Sisters Funkos that'll make your home/desk/literally whatever surface you want feel straight out of Hocus Pocus.

    6. An over-the-door hanger you can use to hang your towels, robe, broomstick, etc..

    7. A palm reader jewelry stand that'll make your accessories look extra mystical.

    8. A crescent moon choker you'll wanna to wear to every single happy hour (aka coven meeting) from here on out.

    9. A witch hat incense holder that'll, without a doubt, make you the coolest witch on the block.

    10. A soft lounging robe for the next time you feel like you need to take a break from your witchy ways and recharge.

    11. A simple babydoll dress with sweet lace details that'll have you feeling like a cross between Wednesday Addams and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    12. A solar-powered garden light, because after you get your wardrobe on point, you might want to give your home some witchy vibes as well.

    13. A magical lifestyle guide that'll give you all the illustrations, affirmations, and advice you need to live your best, witchiest life.

    14. A Rogue + Wolf phone case that literally everyone you meet will go straight-up batty for.

    15. A pair of cat eye sunnies that are pointier than a witch's hat and will keep your eyes nice and protected.

    16. A cheeky graphic tee for when you want to let everyone know it's not them, it's just your RWF (resting witch face).

    17. A set of crystals that includes a handy guide describing each stone's properties and cleansing instructions, so you'll be able to enjoy all that crystal-y goodness even if you're a beginner!

    18. A pair of floral tights you'll be able to throw on under just about anything to give your outfit a subtle, witchy touch.

    19. A cute, comfy graphic tee that'll let you spread the good word on this VERY important message.

    20. A cross-body tote bag with plenty of pockets and space, so it can carry all your spells and potions...and also, like, your reading glasses.

    21. A deck of tarot cards complete with a guide, tablecloth, and pendant, so you'll be able to give readings like a PRO.

    22. A pair of velvet Mary Jane heels with buckles you'll wanna show off all over Salem (or just the office).

    23. A wide brimmed hat that might not be pointy but will nonetheless let everyone know you're magical.

    24. And a sheer smock top with a square neckline that'll make you feel just the right amount of witchy retro.

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