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We All Owe Megan Fox A Serious Apology, And Here Are The Receipts

Where do I even begin?

1. When she spoke about Michael Bay sexualizing her at 15 years old on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and we all treated it like a joke.

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2. When she was hyper-sexualized for her role in Jennifer's Body, causing her to have a "genuine psychological breakdown."

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3. Furthermore, when critics and viewers totally panned Jennifer's Body despite the fact that it's an incredible film and Megan's performance is fantastic.

Fox Searchlight

4. When Hollywood treated her so poorly that she literally felt like her sacrifice scene in Jennifer's Body was a metaphor for her life.

Fox Searchlight

"I realized in filming that scene…that was really reflective of what I felt like my relationship with the movie studios was at that point. Because I felt like that's what they were willing to do. To literally leave me to die."

5. When she was photographed filming the lake scene in Jennifer's Body and had to fly home and break from shooting because she felt so violated.

Fox Searchlight

"I just felt so overexposed and I felt so hunted by media, by tabloids. I felt so bullied, also, by just the world in general. The last thing I had that was mine, the last bit of privacy that I had was my body and I didn’t want to show it."

6. When she felt excluded from the #MeToo movement despite all that she'd been through.

Entertainment Tonight / Via

"I was speaking out and saying, 'Hey, these things are happening to me and they're not OK,' and everyone was like, 'Oh well, fuck you. We don't care, you deserve it.' Because everybody talked about how you looked or how you dressed or the jokes you made."

7. And, similarly, when she said she felt like there wasn't a space for her in feminism due to the way she's been treated.

Entertainment Tonight / Via

8. When Michael Bay's crew members published an open letter calling her "Ms. Sourpants" and "talking trailer trash," openly objectifying her, and insulting her acting abilities and intelligence.

Florian Seefried / Getty Images, Deadline / Via

9. When Shia LeBeouf implied that Megan's "Spice Girl strength" was what cost her her role in the Transformers franchise and we were all like, "Yep, sounds about right!"


10. Also, when both LeBeouf and Bay's crew members claimed that Bay had plucked Megan from "complete obscurity," when in reality, she had already been working in Hollywood for over six years.

Walt Disney Pictures

Yes, Transformers is widely considered to be her big break, but had none of these people seen Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen?!

11. When we made her think she was "shit at" acting for over a decade when clearly, that was and is not the case.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

12. When a journalist had the audacity to ask her how she manages to balance parenting and her career, a question that's almost exclusively directed toward women.

E! News

Luckily, she had the perfect response.

13. And when the same journalist asked her if there's any lingerie she wears "for her man."

E! News

Again, a perfect response.

14. When we completely glossed over her comedic talent in films like This Is 40 and Friends with Kids.

Universal / ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

15. And, as a result of that, doubted how good she'd be in New Girl, when she absolutely killed it.


16. And finally, when we let Megan Fox's raw talent and acting prowess go virtually unnoticed for almost a decade because of some BS narrative fed to us by a bunch of male directors and producers in Hollywood.

Fox Searchlight

Megan, from me on behalf of all of us, we are SORRY. You deserved SO MUCH BETTER and I'm so happy you're finally getting the recognition you should've received all along!

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