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Los Angeles Thinks Giant Slip N' Slide Is Great Idea During Drought

A 1,000 ft. Slip N' Slide has been approved to run down the streets of Downtown LA in September despite California facing its most severe drought emergency in decades.

shadowofaghost • 4 years ago

Jon Voight Pens Open Letter To 'Ignorant' Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem On Israel

The Hollywood Heavyweight wrote a guest column in "The Hollywood Reporter" lambasting Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem after they signed an open letter denouncing Israel's military operation in Gaza. Full transcript below.

shadowofaghost • 4 years ago

New Ninja Turtles Theme Song And... Gang Bangs?

Not only did the new TMNT movie spark outrage with a movie poster placing a September 11 release date next to an exploding skyscraper but the new film's official theme song "Shell Shocked" essentially insinuates that the Turtles gangbang April O'Neil... Childhood ruined.

shadowofaghost • 4 years ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding A Toy Horse

He just gets better with age...

shadowofaghost • 5 years ago