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Los Angeles Thinks Giant Slip N' Slide Is Great Idea During Drought

A 1,000 ft. Slip N' Slide has been approved to run down the streets of Downtown LA in September despite California facing its most severe drought emergency in decades.

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An event called "Slide the City" plans on making it's way to Downtown LA September 27th, running it's 1,000 ft. slip n' slide down Olive Street between 3rd and 6th Streets, according to Downtown News.

While the idea of paying $15 for a single-ride down the slide has excited many throughout LA, a large majority are also upset about the reckless use of water in the face of one of the worst droughts California has ever witnessed.

After three consecutive years of below-normal rainfall, California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades. More than 80% of California is in extreme drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, and the state's condition isn't expected to improve in the near future.

And despite Governor Jerry Brown officially declaring a drought emergency in January, urging California residents to cut water use by 20% and directing state agencies to start taking steps to ease the effects of water shortages; some districts — "actually used more, prompting a 1 percent increase in water use statewide."

Many Californians are facing statewide rationing with fines of up to $500 a day for residents who waste water on lawns, landscaping and washing cars, while water cops are being hired and fines imposed.

Yet despite all this, Slide the City encourages you to, "bring your water balloons, buckets, floaties, and water guns (non-realistic of course), to squirt, spray, splash, and get all attending soaked" while continuing their nationwide tour to other Californian cities such as San Diego, Orange County, San Jose and San Francicso.

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