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You Absolutely Have To Watch This Heroic Bear Save A Drowning Crow

Humans, we could learn a thing or 10 from this.

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This amazing video was shot at a zoo in Budapest, Hungary, on June 19 and shows one of the most surprising animal rescues ever.

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At first the bear seems apathetic to the flailing, squawking crow in the water.

Pretty soon, though, he starts to check out the situation.

He suddenly gets his paws in there to help the crow!

He pulls the crow out by the wing and drags him to safety.

Then he's all like, "OK where are my carrots?" OMG is he a vegetarian?

The crow is kinda lying there in shock like, WTF JUST HAPPENED, and then starts flailing around in utter disbelief.

Meanwhile, the bear is just casually eating carrots.

Crow still be like, "Um did a bear just save my ass?" blinking in shock. Nature FTW!

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