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    16 Television Shows And Films You Have To Watch This Christmas

    Here's every Christmas film and television show you should be watching. You'll be happy to hear that this guide doesn't include Mrs Brown's Boys.

    You know it's Christmas when you see this...

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    But thanks to the internet and the internet/panic/heavy drinking at Christmas, we don't have the time to circle notable films and shows we should later watch. Remember when you did this when you were a kid? Circling shows with a pen was YOUR time to shine.

    So I've done it all for you. Here's everything that you need to know.

    1. First things first: when exactly can we watch Elf?

    Elf / New Line Cinema

    As previously reported by BuzzFeed News, Elf will only be shown on the channel Sky Movies Christmas. But on the other hand the film is available on Amazon for £3.

    Elf's first big showing is on 22 December at 8pm.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    It's not all that bad you see. Why?

    2. The Muppet Christmas Carol is still on Channel 4.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Jim Henson Productions

    Tiny Tim! Michael Caine! A genuinely terrifying sequence with The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come! The emotion you go through when you realise the TV version doesn't include the scene when a young Michael Caine sings!

    You can watch it at 4.50pm on Christmas Eve.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    3. How about something ridiculous... Bridget Jones?

    StudioCanal / Working Title Films

    The snow makes it a CHRISTMAS film, even though the film debuted in April.

    You can watch it on 23 December at 9pm on ITV2.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    4. Next... Love Actually. When *actually* is it on?

    Love Actually / StudioCanal / Working Title

    It's on Sky Movies Christmas as well, so you won't be able to watch it on free-to-air. But then again you already have hundreds of times haven't you, including three times in June.

    Here's when it's first on: 20 December at 8pm.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Alternatively, you can watch it on Amazon for £3.49 on their instant video thing.

    5. How about a classy kids film like Bugsy Malone?

    Rank Organisation / Paramount Pictures

    It was great to watch as a kid, even greater to watch back after wine as an adult.

    It's on at 4.10pm, on 21 December on Channel 4.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    6. You could also watch The Snowman.

    Channel 4 / Universal Pictures

    Feel free to watch the first five minutes and then turn it over because you've got that dread in your stomach about the snowman's rapidly approaching death... it's fine.

    It's going to be shown many times, but the first time will be on Channel 4 at 7.30pm on 23 December.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    The Snowman and The Snowdog, a cute and rather quirky sequel to the original animation, is shown on Christmas Day at 1.20pm.

    7. If that doesn't make you cry there's Toy Story 3, on Christmas Eve at 6.25pm on BBC One.

    Pixar Animations / Disney
    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    That's you crying in that image on the right there. You don't turn into a palm tree.

    8. You can also watch the Back to the Future series.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    The trilogy will be on over three days, starting at 10.55am on ITV on Christmas Day.

    9. As well as the entire Indiana Jones series.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    It starts on Sunday 28 December with Raiders of the Lost Ark at 3.35pm. It ends with the slightly dodgy Crystal Skull one on New Year's Eve on BBC One.

    10. There's also Home Alone, Mary Poppins and Jurassic Park on during the Christmas period.

    20th Century Fox /
    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    Home Alone is on Sky Movies Christmas at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Mary Poppins is on BBC One at 2.10pm on New Year's Day. Jurassic Park is on 12.25pm on the 28 December on ITV2.

    11. Other traditions include Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    It's on Boxing Day, on C4 at 9pm. There's a 10 year special on the 2nd January.

    12. The Doctor Who Christmas Day special.

    BBC/ Doctor Who / David Venni
    BBC / Doctor Who

    It's on BBC One at 6.15pm. Expect half of Twitter and your parents complaining because they can't understand the plot because they hadn't seen all of the episodes in the preceding series though.

    13. Jools Holland's Hootenanny.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    This year it was filmed on the 10 December in a studio in Maidstone at 7.30pm. You'll be able to watch it drunk on New Years' Eve at 11.20 pm on BBC Two.

    14. And of course Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

    It's on Tuesday 30 December at 10pm on BBC Two. And of course there's the TOTP Christmas Special and The Queen speech at 3pm on Christmas Day too.

    15. You should be informed that The Muppets Movie has its free-to-air premiere on 28 December, on BBC One at 6.20pm.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed
    Jim Henson / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    "Me Party. I'm the last one on the dance floor."

    16. Meanwhile Skyfall is having its free-to-air premiere on ITV on Christmas Eve, which isn't bad.

    Skyfall / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

    There's Ben Whishaw in it, and someone else called Craig and Ben Whishaw.


    Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw. Ben Whishaw.

    You can watch it on Christmas Eve, 8pm on ITV.

    Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed / BEN STANSALL / AFP

    Your Christmas is now complete.

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