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19 Signs That John Boyega Is Enjoying Being In "Star Wars" So Damn Much

"It's the ultimate story between good and evil. And you've got a boy from Peckham in it."

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1. When he owned the London Star Wars premiere.

Something tells us @JohnBoyega is excited to be here at #TheForceAwakens European Premiere... #FinnAwakens


4. When he told a story about his parents' reaction to him getting the part.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

He also told BuzzFeed UK in an interview that his parents went to the premiere but his mother went to the toilet halfway through and he wishes that she went before instead.

5. When he saw the Millennium Falcon for the first time.

Lucasfilm / Via

7. When he reacted to the Force Awakens trailer like this and then posted the video on Instagram.

Instagram: @john_boyega

8. The fact that he made sure that he got a lot of Star Wars Lego and toy memorabilia before he left Japan.

Didn't leave empty handed! Thank you Tokyo

9. When he turned up late to the Star Wars London press conference and realised that his voice was sexy. / Via

He also nailed the singing. / Via Jimmy Fallon / NBC

11. When he got his own emoji and took it literally.

#FinnAwakens like literally just a few minutes ago.

12. When he turned up to the LA premiere wearing one glove as a tribute to Luke Skywalker.


I love you, John Boyega

15. When he thanked his parents on Instagram.

Instagram: @john_boyega

16. When he talked about his character Finn's relationship with Oscar Isaac's Poe on Ellen like this.

Ellen / Via

17. When he shouted like this at David Beckham.

Instagram: @john_boyega