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Slow-Cooked Stuffed Meatballs & 'Blunts'

Perfectly easy meal that you can serve as an appetizer, or throw on a hoagie for a sandwich... and late night leftovers... oh ya.

ScottBender • 3 years ago

The Greatest Inventions Not Yet Invented

Okay so we're not talking a cure to cancer here, but more of a first world invention to make our lives more... um, first wordly?

ScottBender • 5 years ago

11 Thanksgiving Foods You Must Have

They say this day is about 'Thanks'... but let's face it, it is really about gluttony. So take off the belt, undo the top button, and settle in because it's about to get real up in here.

ScottBender • 5 years ago

The 10 Commandments...And The Celebrities That Broke Them

We all try to abide to the rules passed on before us... but sometimes those who live in a world we only get to look at from magazines, well they break those rules. And then they make those magazines in which we read, and thus is the circle of life.

ScottBender • 5 years ago

Airplane Etiquette

Airplanes are pretty awful to begin with, here are some guidelines to make it less uncomfortable - and especially less awkward.

ScottBender • 5 years ago

Everything I Know I Learned From Movies

I grew up watching movies, as did so many other kids. Most people watch movies as a hobby and leave it at that... but me, well I went to film school and moved to L.A to pursue the dream. 3 years later and I have officially learned how to make the worlds best coffee. But that doesn't mean I haven't continued my education. Here is my abridged version of knowledge from the cinematic arts... Enjoy. *Some clips are NSFW due to language

ScottBender • 5 years ago