Everything I Know I Learned From Movies

I grew up watching movies, as did so many other kids. Most people watch movies as a hobby and leave it at that… but me, well I went to film school and moved to L.A to pursue the dream. 3 years later and I have officially learned how to make the worlds best coffee. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t continued my education. Here is my abridged version of knowledge from the cinematic arts… Enjoy. *Some clips are NSFW due to language

1. Billy Madison: Stay in school as long as you can…

2. Garden State: Explore the infinite abyss

3. Aladdin: Be Yourself

4. Home Alone 2: Be nicer to your family, especially your parents.

*Sorry for the poor quality but it’s the only video out there, and the fact you hear the person crying who is recording is kind of epic.

5. Good Will Hunting: Take chances when given opportunities

6. Lion King: Hakuna Matata is not always right…

7. Forrest Gump: Accept the things we can not change

8. Ferris Bueller: Take a moment for yourself

9. Chasing Amy: Don’t let your pride jeapordize future happiness (watch your idiot gear)

10. Swingers: Break-ups suck, but eventually, you will get through it.

11. Stand By Me: Friends are the family we choose.

12. E.T: Be Good

13. Pursuit of Happyness: Fight for your dreams

14. Rocky 4: Be less judgemental

15. Hook: Remember your happy thoughts.

16. Cast Away: Learn to apologize and truly mean it

17. Good Will Hunting (again): Follow your heart

18. Almost Famous: Have real conversations, with real people

19. Benjamin Button: This is your life. Make the most of it.

20. Wedding Singer: Everything is going to be alright

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