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    33 Talented But Underrated K-Pop Groups You Should Be Listening To

    Gotta stan 'em all.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to name their favorite and underrated K-pop groups, and let's just say they came through...

    ...but before we kick this post off, I just wanna say that "underrated" is a pretty broad and oftentimes subjective term. And when it comes to K-pop, it even depends on where you live! And since everyone who commented and I are all human beings with **subjective opinions**, read this list with that in mind. At the end of the day, this post is to elevate all types of talented K-pop groups! Ok, without further ado, here are the stan-worthy groups:

    1. Mamamoo

    RBW Entertainment / Via

    "They don’t get the credit they deserve. They are such a talented group with such a unique sound. They don’t stick to one genre and try everything. Their company doesn’t do a good job of promoting them but they have found success with how hard they work. They are not just my favorite K-pop group — they are my favorite artists of all time."—ashprimm

    "They each have amazing voices and refuse to do any lip-syncing during their live stages. They each have their own style with their dancing, singing, and rapping. A good starter song would be 'Gogobebe' or 'Starry Night.'"—Michelle M.

    "So classic yet adventurous with the music they put out!!!" —Erika W."

    "They are one of the few K-pop groups that can rock live vocals!" —marinapaulose2

    2. Day6

    JYP Entertainment / Via

    "They're absolutely fantastic! It’s a shame that not many people know about them, especially since their latest EP was so amazing!!!" —Jasmine J.

    "Every time I listen to their music it feels like coming home. They have so much talent and skill, but they’re so overlooked." —Rachel D.

    "Day6 *cannot* make a bad song — like they physically can't. It's not typical K-pop, but more rock-leaning, and they play their own instruments and compose their own songs! I have gotten several people into them and they really like them too!" —lgdecid

    They've also done two videos with BuzzFeed playing "Would You Rather" and making SIMS 4 characters of each other — just in case you forgot.

    3. Dreamcatcher

    Happyface Entertainment / Via

    "They're one of the most unique, alternative girl groups I've ever come across. With unique, creepy concepts and some really good tunes, they're one of my absolute favorite groups!" —tashbf

    "They’re a different genre than the usual K-pop, since they have rock in their music as well. Their style is 'darker' and their music is addictive." —pattyprince

    Check out their latest single, "Piri," or my personal fave, "You And I."

    4. Pentagon

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "They really deserve a win after all these years." —conventonicole

    "THEY ARE SO UNDERRATED AND IT HURTS BECAUSE THEY'RE SO GOOD. They write their own music and choreograph a lot of their moves. Okay, but seriously, Pentagon. Everyone sleeps on them. Their most well-known song is 'Shine,' but like, every song is great." —fallingstarsatnight

    "Obviously they became extremely well-known due to 'Shine' (in early 2018) but since then, they've sorta been under-the-radar when they are genuinely a bunch of talented, beautiful, and genuine guys who really deserve a lot more than what they get." —b46e3fcf0d

    They played "Who's Who" recently with us!

    5. Loona

    Blockberry Creative / Via

    "They have a vast discography due to their girl of the month concept and most of their songs are top-tier. Their choreography is some of the best K-pop dances, and they also do really great boy group covers. On top of that, 'Loona TV' is highly entertaining and all English-subbed on YouTube. The 'Stan Loona' meme may have scared some people away, but most Orbits are lovely, hilarious, intelligent people, and they all agree that Loona deserves the world!"—Breanne J.

    "Their concept is completely unique and their label Blockberry Creative did such a great job with the predebut project. No member is overshadowed and the Orbits are such a lovely, hilarious, and unproblematic fandom. Suggested songs: 'Butterfly' (duh!), and check out each member's predebut songs, because it'll really help in getting to know them better!"—saltyhoe

    6. SF9

    FNC Entertainment / Via

    "My boys put out bop after bop, and people still sleep on them!" —jordanjadaishal

    "Some members are known by their TV appearances [i.e. Chani in Sky Castle and Rowoon in About Time], but the hype on the whole group is not there. They have ballad, R&B, Pop, EDM, and other genres in their albums, and VERY synchronized dancing — and there's nine whole handsome boys right there!" —haninurnia

    "Their song 'RPM' is so effing amazing. For anyone who wants to get into SF9, I highly recommend listening to that." —curlygirly6

    I'm just gonna plug the interview I did with SF9 earlier this year. That's all.

    7. G-idle

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "A lot of their songs are self-produced, self-composed, and self-written! Soyeon is a really badass rapper, Soojin is an incredibly charismatic dancer, Shuhua’s vocals are so angelic, Minnie has an amazing voice, Yuqi has such an unique tone, and Miyeon has such an uplifting voice. They’re all just so talented and amazing human beings!" —Jenny T.

    All of their songs are bops, but their debut "Latata" will go down in history. But other songs I'd recommend are "Hann (Alone)" for the moody feels and their latest retro-inspired song, "Uh-Oh."

    8. The Rose

    J&Star Company / Via

    "They literally don't have a bad song. PLUS, the solo album released by lead singer Woosung [with the lead single 'Face'] and the band's single 'Red' are some of my favorite things K-pop has given us this summer. Awesome vocals, beautiful music, and songs that hit you right in the feels. What more could you want???" —Nikki L.

    "They're a band who write their own songs and each one is such a masterpiece that I can't ever choose my favorite. They are SO underrated and deserve so many more Black Roses (their fandom name). A good starter song is their new comeback song, Red.' The band's debut song, 'Sorry,' is also worth giving a listen to. You won't regret getting into them — they have so much talent!" —Ana

    "They have a really small discography at this point, but their music is so chill and relaxing. So good (just like candy)*." —Rachel D.

    *in reference to their song 'Candy (so good)'

    9. Gfriend

    Source Music / Via

    "They're just some gals that enjoy vocals, synchronization, and being goofy. I do believe if people actually venture out into their discography, they would fall in love. So many hidden GEMS! I recommend their recent full album Time For Us." —sunbaee

    10. A.C.E

    Beat Interactive / Via

    "Their sound is different and the whole group is just visuals! —Rebecca C.

    "I’ve seen them in concert twice now, and their amazing vocals and choreography never fail to blow me away. If you’re looking for an awesome song, their latest comeback ‘Under Cover’ is the highest form of a bop." —ericadaniellel

    "They deserve so much recognition! I would start off with 'Take Me Higher' because it’s a bop all year 'round, but their newest title track 'Undercover' is amazing and has all five members in it, now that Chan is back from UNB! They’re amazing performers and getting to see them in concert changed my life." —kelseyleew

    11. Weki Meki

    Fantagio / Via

    "They are literally so talented. Every single one of them can dance, sing, and perform with such excellence." —kalleechamberlain

    I'd start off with their debut, "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" or their most recent comeback, "Picky Picky."

    12. BtoB

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "Sure, they are pretty well-known in Korea, but they are super underrated internationally! People are missing out on amazing vocals, heart-wrenching and self-produced songs, as well as dorky, funny, and comical personalities. Do not forget they are humble too and absolutely good-looking! Each member has their own charms. In conclusion, LISTEN TO BTOB FOR CLEAR SKIN AND YOUR EARS WILL BE BLESSED." —bigreencat

    "They are called the funniest boy group in Korea. I found out about them through their MV for "Movie" — love the song and MV, but you should def check out the live performances, absolutely hilarious. And then you will go down the rabbit hole of their funny videos. Plus, all of their music is really amazing!" —v4a16727a2

    13. Ladies' Code

    Polaris Entertainment

    "I can't express this enough: this girl group is absolutely amazing and due to a tragedy towards the start of their career (fun fact: they debuted around the same time as BTS and did a lot of debut promotions with them), they unfortunately didn't receive the same traction that their talent deserves. I highly recommend checking out the following songs on YouTube: 'Hate You,' 'I'm Fine Thank You,' 'Galaxy,' 'The Rain,' and 'Feedback.'" —laurenvictoriac

    "People know them for the car accident where they lost two of their members, but their music is so good and original, and they have some really amazing vocals — especially the main vocalist, Sojung."—georgem4e2c5f43f

    14. VIXX

    Jellyfish Entertainment / Via

    "I’ve seen them in concert three times, and they’re incredible and the sweetest! Check out anything off of the Eau de VIXX album like 'Shangri-La.' Or 'The Closer,' 'Memory,' 'Black Out,' or anything from VIXX LR's Whisper mini album." —hellokathleen

    "They’re my boys and I almost never see them mentioned whenever people talk about amazing K-pop groups. They’re not called the concept kings for nothing." —Andy C.

    15. CLC

    Cube Entertainment / Via

    "They're a wonderfully superb seven-member girl group that, for some ungodly reason, is underrated. They are part of a big company (Cube), have AMAZING music, and they’re all about girl empowerment and accepting yourself." —pattyprince

    "They're unapologetically themselves with more girl-crush style music. They have some great songs that have great, confident lyrics. My favorites are 'Black Dress' and 'Me (美).' I have a hard time not mentioning 'No' as well, because I love the music video, rap, and the dramatic 'nooooooo' when they reject all of the girlish things." —k4c2fcce79

    16. Astro

    Fantagio / Via

    "They're incredible in every aspect of what a K-pop idol group should be. They release countless bops and contribute to the production of their albums and comebacks. They’ve been praised by choreographers for their amazing dance and have had crazy synchronization since debut. They also love their fans so much and released a whole album without promotions just for them. They have music for everyone too. You want cute, fun music? 'Hide and Seek,' 'Breathless,' and 'Baby' are right there. Into a more mature sound? 'Always You' and 'All Night' exist. You feel like crying? 'Should’ve Held On' and 'Bloom.' Every member is multitalented — they act, sing, choreograph, compose, produce, and write lyrics! —meah17

    "100%. Like, everyone knows Cha Eunwoo because of his visuals, but the other members are also talented AF. Bruh, like Minhyuk be singing, dancing, and rapping, and Sanha is literally UWU energy." —ahrinnie

    17. WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

    Starship Entertainment / Via

    "Best songs, best fandom, and their choreography is so overlooked by international K-pop stans." —saeyeonara

    "All 13 of their members are so talented. Their Korean fanbase is bigger than their international one. They’ve released so many good songs since 'Secret.' —9musestrash

    I personally love "Save You Save Me," but their most recent comeback was "Boogie Up."

    18. VAV

    A Team Entertainment / Via

    "I first came across VAV a couple months after they’d debuted with 'Under The Moonlight' and I was shocked that it was so bad. Then, last year, I rediscovered them thanks to a NEW song, 'She’s Mine,' and it completely changed my life. Turns out that restructuring their group and switching to better concepts has left them only releasing absolute bangers." —Alison P.

    "They deliver bop after bop! I have been playing 'Give Me More' on repeat for days, so def check them out." —elfarmy9597

    "This group is honestly so underrated. Their vocals are so on point, they have some really amazing dancers/good choreography, and the MVs are always visually stunning. For a starter song 'Senorita' is such a bop." —Olivia D.

    19. B.A.P

    TS Entertainment / Via

    "Most underrated of all time! I got into K-pop because of them. Unpopular opinion, but I think they are better than BTS, and I know people will hate me for saying that. It’s just my opinion though. This is all subjective." —notyourlover

    My forever fave of theirs will be "Wake Me Up" and in terms of their earlier music, "One Shot" is great, and their last comeback as a full group was "Hands Up."

    20. Oh My Girl

    WM Entertainment / Via

    "Queens of fun, girlish music, and beautiful aesthetics. My favorite song is 'Coloring Book,' but 'Secret Garden' is also a great song. They play between the more typical, feminine K-pop with a softer edge and a more aesthetic, growing style. They also have some great choreo/stage outfits! 'Closer' has choreo that has the girls making astrological signs and 'Liar Liar' had some super cute roller skate shoes." —k4c2fcce79

    21. Block B

    Seven Seasons Entertainment / Via

    "They've been around since 2011. Their style is more on the hip-hop side and, I may be biased here, but all their songs are good — even their solos. If you've heard of Zico and Park Kyung, they're from this group." —kathrynl10

    "They are not new, but it's like no one knows them. Most people just know Zico." —luzzamarizamoras

    If you wanna get pumped up, listen to "Her" or "Shall We Dance." If you wanna feel the feels, listen to "Toy."

    22. Cherry Bullet

    FNC Entertainment / Via

    "They’re super new and only have about five or six songs available for listening, but they’re actually very good songs for a rookie group. I’m hoping more people start listening to them as their stardom ~hopefully~ rises." —Esteban M.

    Their two singles have been "Q&A" and "Really Really" thus far!

    23. KNK

    220 Entertainment / Via

    "They have amazing voices, can dance well, and have great energy. They went through a lot of management problems/changes and are working so hard on this comeback. They're really amazing, check them out!" —alexeighty8

    "They are amazing and totally being slept on. They had a tough 2018. They lost a member who had a panic disorder and left their management company. They decided to stay together and did a comeback this year with a new look and sound with 'Sunset.' Their new album is great and their shows are energetic. They sound like angels, seriously. Heejun does a lot of acoustic guitar covers and his voice is just magic." —alexeighty8

    24. GWSN

    Kiwi Pop / Via

    "They caught my eye pre-debut, and less than a full year later they have released three mini albums, and there's not a single bad song. Plus, their concept is so cool and the production value on their music videos is breathtaking. Definitely check out 'Red Sun,' 'Bloom,' and 'Night Aviation.'" —Thepastrypuff

    25. Teen Top

    TOP Media / Via

    "They really deserve more recognition for their dancing, variety of music, and general loveability! They recently shot into my top spot for K-pop groups after their album Dear. N9ne came out, and I’ll never stop stanning them!" —valerie32

    26. Fromis_9

    Off The Record Entertainment / Via

    "All of the members are so talented. Their songs 'Glass Shoes' and 'Love Bomb' are my favorite. Their new song is so catchy too, and it is called 'Fun!'" —louisawijaya

    27. The Boyz

    Cre.Ker Entertainment / Via

    "STAN THE BOYZ!!!! They only make bops! Not to mention they have extremely solid vocals, 100% synchronized choreo, and FACE! Their debut song 'Boy' never gets old!" —Michelle Kim

    Their most recent comeback was "D.D.D," and they actually shot the music video in NYC!

    28. AKMU (Akdong Musician)

    YG Entertainment / Via

    Yes, they're a duo, but we're counting it.

    "They're one of my personal favorite groups, but they're actually a brother and sister duo. The sister, Lee Su-hyun, is the main vocalist and she does almost all of the singing. The brother, Lee Chang-hyuk, is the rapper and producer — although he does sing occasionally. I love them so much because honestly they are absolutely adorable, and their vocals are heavenly. Their voices pair very well, and their concepts are interesting. If you don’t know them I recommend you listen to 'Dinosaur.'" —sophieemariee

    They were on hiatus for a while because Chang-hyuk did his mandatory military service, but as of literally Sept 5th, they're officially making a comeback (see: album teaser)! I personally recommend the songs "Re-Bye" and "How People Move" — they're both so jazzy and lovely!

    29. Victon

    Plan A Entertainment / Via

    "At first the hype was there since they're APink's junior group, and two of the members (Heochan and Seungwoo) have famous siblings in K-pop, but their company didn't promote them on television enough. The members are very well-rounded and their songs are diverse too. 'Time of Sorrow' even reached third place on a music show, but that's it. Go watch 'Time of Sorrow' before you even dare to ask, 'Who dat?'" —haninurnia

    There's also a performance video of "Time of Sorrow" if you wanna see the full choreo.

    30. Bolbbalgan4 (Bol4)

    Shofar Music / Via

    This is my personal addition! They are two extremely talented gals who really deliver the sweetest, acoustic-leaning songs! Jiyoung has one of the most honey-like voices in K-pop and she could literally sing me into a good mood or to sleep any day. Jiyoon is a talented guitarist, obviously, and together their voices seem like they were meant for each other.

    I heard "Travel" literally everywhere when I visited Seoul last September (it's also one of my faves), but all of their songs are amazing, no lie — other notable ones are "Some," "Galaxy," and "Stars Over Me."

    They also **just** had a comeback with "25" and "Workaholic."

    31. iKON

    YG Entertainment / Via

    "They're a group that really does not get the recognition they deserve. The first song that got me hooked to them was 'Rhythm Ta,' and their biggest song to date would have to be 'Love Scenario' — it was even banned in school because kids kept singing it too often and it would disrupt classes. You can tell they truly care about their iKonics (fandom) and each other." —jaychaypay

    Knowing that, yes, they are an idol group from a Big Three agency, I do think they're a little underrated — especially overseas (even though they've performed at SXSW and 88rising's "Head in the Clouds" festival this year). And, well, despite recent events they still have a lot of potential! I'm also gonna plug the two written interviews I've done with them here (2018) and here (2019).

    32. 1the9

    MBK Entertainment / Via

    "They were put together on a survival show called Under Nineteen for trainees who are well under nineteen! They’re really talented and their debut song 'Spotlight' is a bop, but no one really seems to notice them. Which is sad, because they’re very good!" —havregraad

    33. SPEED

    MBK Entertainment / Via

    "They were one of the most talented groups in K-pop, but everyone slept on them so they disbanded. They have vocalists and dancers that are up to par with all the top groups of K-pop." —justheretocomment

    "Highkey, SPEED was way ahead of their time. They have a song called 'What U' in which they dance in HEELYS. FREAKING HEELYS. If you don’t believe me, please check out the dance practice for it! And they also have a song called 'Don’t Tease Me' with a circus concept and lots of awesome stunts. Self-choreographed, and it takes a lot of trust to pull them off. And the level of synchronization. Please check out their stuff!" —curlygirly6

    Me to everyone sleeping on these talented groups like:

    Spotify / Via

    The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

    Here's a playlist to start off with:

    And this isn't even an ~exhaustive~ list. If we missed your faves, shout them out in the comments!

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