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    Here's A Fun Q&A With K-Pop Group iKON About Music, Life, And Their "Return" Album

    iKONICs, here's your personal ~love scenario~ (ok, or just Q&A) with the boys.

    While they're no longer the ~new kids~, iKON keeps serving up new hits. This time, they delivered their second full-length album appropriately titled Return.

    And of course, we had to ask the boys to snap a few ~BuzzFeed exclusive~ selfies for you to enjoy along with the interview. You're welcome in advance.

    To start off, which song off of Return personally speaks the most to you, and why?

    What was the most fun or challenging scene to film from the “Love Scenario” MV?

    What’s one thing you own (or has been given to you) that you can’t live without?

    What would be your superhero power of choice?

    Most memorable moment with YG (Yang Hyun-suk)?

    What is something funny that the other members do that always makes you laugh?

    What’s the funniest meme/gif/tweet/any Internet thing you’ve seen of yourself or other iKON members?

    What inspires you in your musical career that is *not* music?

    In your opinion, what makes K-pop special/unique?

    What’s something you want to experiment with musically?

    What has stayed the same since your debut, and what has been the biggest change you’ve witnessed?

    And finally, two main goals for iKON in 2018?

    Thanks, iKON, for chatting with us! Listen to Return on iTunes and Spotify!